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Oct 21, 2012 10:01 AM

Saving lemongrass

So it's starting to get cold here in Northern California. We are expecting our first rainy day tomorrow.

I have lots of fresh lemongrass growing in the garden but I doubt it will survive the cold weather. I'm thinking I need to cut down the plants but how do I preserve the lemongrass? Dry it? Freeze it? All suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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  1. Freezes great. Peel off outer layers first. You don't need to defrost to use. Just shave off slices with a very sharp knife. Shavings defrost almost immediately, and melt into the dish.

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      Thanks for the info, sbp. I also like lemongrass, but I don't grow it. I buy it in markets, often more than I need at any one time.

    2. I buy lemongrass from Hmong women at our farmers market. They all say you can freeze it too.

      I just bought a bunch to freeze for the winter.

      1. I cut and freeze a bunch and then heavily mulch the plant.

        1. I freeze whole stalks, I pulverize a bunch of soaked pieces in a food processor and freeze the puree in ice cube trays for all sorts of uses and I let a bunch of stalks dry in my pantry and use as natural hot tea stirrers all year long..adds a nice fragrance to the tea.

          1. I found a container of chopped lemongrass in my freezer recently (guess I'd forgotten I bought it)...anyone have a good recipe for it, please? Thanks!

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                Heck yes! Thanks Hill J! Looks really great!!!