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Oct 21, 2012 09:19 AM

Parisian Markets Open in December?

Hi All - I've read a lot of thread about markets in Spring/Summer.. I was wondering if the markets are also open in late Nov/Early December. If so, which do you recommend we visit if we're staying in the Marais? Perhaps we can visit on a Sunday early morning/afternoon. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. They are absolutely open, rain or shine, holiday or no -- they're not just a tourist attraction; lots of Parisians do their shopping at markets.

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      Great - I figured they would be but wanted to triplecheck. The bastille market is pretty close to the Marais.. Is it open every day of the week?

      1. re: jessicablock

        here's the link to all the markets in the city:

        Most markets are NOT every day -- Bastille is Thursday and Sunday only.

        (then you have market *streets* which are regular storefronts which display their produce out on the street with "regular" store hours-- Rue Cler and Rue Montorgueil are examples)

        1. re: sunshine842

          One thing to bear in mind when reading the webpage on all the markets.
          It often shows the morning market hours as 7am to 3pm.
          Some stalls or commer├žants are open earlier, but before 9am, most places are still closed or just opening and not really operating.
          The 7am-to-3pm madness seems to be referring the first stall to start raising its grills, at 7am, to the cleaning crew finishing hosing down the street, at 3pm.

          The hours when most stalls or commerces are open are more like 10am to 12:30.

          For afternoon markets, 4pm to 7:30pm or 8pm.

          1. re: Parigi

            I hope this will not be seen as patronizing when I repeat a reminder usually given by Pti that French markets are not the equivalent of American Farmers' markets, indeed, the produce at the one along the Blvd Ornano rivals the suppliers of Monoprix/Franprix, although if you look at the license plates at the bio Raspail one, many are from far out of town and the one along Ordener has ones from Brittany & Normandy.

            1. re: Parigi

              absolutely -- I went to the market in my town one day when I had a long list of things to do...I showed up at 9 am (the market "officially" starts at 8h30) and was more than a little frustrated to find most of them still drinking coffee and shooting the bull while they puttered around with the displays....

              ...but now I know....