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Oct 21, 2012 08:55 AM

Scopazzi's in Boulder Creek?

Any recent experience with Scopazzi's in Boulder Creek, particularly for lunch? Or other places for a good lunch in that general area of the Santa Cruz mountains?

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  1. Boulder Creek is in Santa Cruz county. Relatively recent comment:

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      Thanks, that's at least one good recent report.

    2. Has my memory failed or does Scopazzi mean toilet brush?

      1. A friend and I had lunch there yesterday. We were there about 2pm, after any lunch crowd. There were two groups of local people at the long bar giving it the feeling of a local meeting place. We ate in the light bar area instead of the much darker and much larger dining room. It did feel like a mountain place looking out the window, and that was a good thing.

        We split a half order (yes, split a half order; by mistake but nevertheless that's what happened) of a Cobb Salad. The 1/4 servings were a fine size for a side salad. We had been told that a full Cobb is huge, and it must be. But alas, there were slender pickings of the ingredients that define a Cobb. So OK-to-good for a side salad, but not great at all for a Cobb.

        We also split an order of Calamari Fritta, and it was quite good, both the calamari and the french fries. I'm not really a fan of french fries but I gladly ate all of mine. They served sourdough bread and it was pretty good, with a thinner crust than classic SF style but nevertheless good.

        The server had multiple jobs at that hour, bartender, server, and busboy, so the service was a bit disjointed but not anything to complain about. The food shows promise, but it seems to depend on what you order and our sample was small. I'd recommend the place for small-mountain-town old-timey atmosphere, "just like it's supposed to be", and hope for the best with the food.

        1. While I have only been there for dinner, Oak Tree in Felton is good! As well as the Cowboy Diner!

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            Second the Cowboy Diner. Surprisingly enough, the Chinese counter in Ben Lomond Market is one of the better lunch choices in the Santa Cruz Mountains.