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Oct 21, 2012 08:42 AM

Favorites in Allston?

What restaurants do you like in the area of Allston between YoMa and Brown Sugar? We've been to those two several times, as well as Le's Vietnamese. I'm looking for places to go with the family (two kids -- 6 and 13; the 13 year old is a fairly adventurous eater and we can usually find something for his little brother). Low-key ethnic places are are great; we'd particularly like to find an Indian restaurant.

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  1. That particular area in Allston is one of the best eating areas in the entire Boston Metro Area. Two of my favorites are Garlic & Lemons (middle eastern) and S&I Thai.

    A board search will reveal much more, but here are some links to get you started:

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      Here's another good Allston thread, although a bit on the old side:

    2. Punjab Palace and Bon Chon Chicken are very good, and good with kids. Mixx for great frozen yogurt and mix ins. All on Brighton Ave.

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        Yes, yes, and yes. Punjab Palace should satisfy your craving for Indian.

        Allston Village is suddenly overrun with frozen yogurt shops - I admit I haven't tried any of the others, but Mixx is certainly superior to others I've tried in other neighborhood, particularly in terms of quality & freshness of the enormous variety of toppings.