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50th Birthday Dinner?

Dear All,

I will be in Boston attending a conference next weekend (10/25-10/28) which also happens to be my 50th birthday. I would really appreciate suggestions for an incredible restaurant where I can treat myself to a wonderful dinner. I am a "foodie" who appreciates incredible food. I will be staying in the Copley Square area.

Since I will be dining by myself, I would appreciate suggestions in safe destinations reachable by cab. Any sort of cuisine is terrific as long the execution is flawless. Thank you for your replies in advance! I appreciate your help.

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  1. Happy B-day!

    where are you from? what kind of food are you looking for? high end or low end?

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      I am from Cleveland, Ohio -- a great restaurant town. Any type of cuisine is fine, price is not an object as long as it is good.

      Recommendations are really appreciated. Thanks.

    2. If price is no object, the first restaurant that comes to mind is O Ya, especially since it is good for a solo diner as much of it is bar seating.

      1. I think you'd be very happy at O Ya, a great spot for going solo, but for me the definitive choice for such a celebration would be Menton... even better, do both!

        1. When dining alone I like the bar at capital grille. Last night while waiting for someone I sat at the tamo bar at the seaport hotel. Off the bar there's a room with the best flat screen which I have seen.
          In the north end coffee at the cafe vittoria is a must whether alone or with someone.

          1. Try Post390. We had a fabulous meal there a couple weeks ago -- -Back Bay area.

            1. What WineAG said. O Ya or Menton, with Menton being my personal vote.

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                If you are in the Copley Square area, I would consider L'Espalier, Sorrelina, or Deuxave. All three are elegant, perfectly fine for someone dining alone on their birthday, and quiet enough to enjoy. Menton and O Ya are great but on a nice evening in Boston, why not walk to dinner?

              2. The bar at No. 9 Park is great. You can have a lovely walk up Beacon Street, the bartenders are delightful, and the food is always spectacular. There's a good vibe at the bar and the other patrons are usually friendly. While O Ya has sublime food, I don't know that I'd be happy there by myself on my 50th. Same for Menton.
                Happy Birthday fellow Scorpion!

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                  Thanks for all of these terrific suggestions! I really appreciate them. The great thing about traveling is the chance to try new restaurants. I once stumbled upon incredible food in a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere in Montana. Since, I am in Boston often for conferences (I am a professor), if I don't make it to all of the suggested restaurants this weekend, I will the next time that I am here.