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Oct 21, 2012 08:01 AM

Making cinnamon rolls vegan

I'm having brunch with a few friends next weekend and want to make these pumpkin cinnamon rolls:

However, half the crowd is vegan and the other half is omni. I was thinking I could probably sub coconut milk for both the milk and butter. Alternatively, I could try coconut fat and rice milk or something. I'll just make 2 versions of icing and serve it on the side. Does anybody have any thoughts on if these subs would work? I'd like to avoid margarine if possible (I think it taste nasty and I wouldn't know what to do with the rest of the box). It seems like with pumpkin puree in the recipe things might be more flexible, as I know using fruit purees is sometimes a way to cut fat in baked goods. TIA for any opinions!


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    1. Hi Corneygirl,
      You might want to try posting on the Vegetarian and Vegan board as well. Lots of vegan folks there.

      1. for the butter i would use Earth Balance. for the milk, coconut milk isn't bad. almond milk may be a bit thinner than you'd like, but it's my favorite non-dairy replacement.

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          Thanks for your advice! I think coconut milk is in for sure. I don't feel like a solid fat is necessary, so I think I'll use grapeseed or olive oil instead. I know Earth Balance is popular, but it's expensive and seems to be a solid form of normal oils. I'll report back how things turned out.

          1. re: corneygirl

            So I made the cinnamon rolls this weekend. Made the dough Saturday and rolled and baked on Sunday. I used coconut milk for most of the oil, an extra egg sized lump of pumpkin for the egg and olive oil for the butter. I also used coconut milk for the melted butter that is brushed on the dough before the filling is applied. They came out really well and I didn't miss the icing (which I just didn't make). In the future I might just use coconut milk for the oil. The recipe is a keeper, and I look forward to making an omni version as well.

            1. re: corneygirl

              I am so doing this. thanks for the update!!