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Oct 21, 2012 07:41 AM

Help! I'm going BANANAS!

I have been craving banana food for a while. I need your help to use up (or save for later) about 20 VERY RIPE bananas.

First, I want a recipe for a very moist, dense banana-coconut bread or cakeā€¦one that has nuts, too.

Second, I want a soft banana - nut cookie, maybe with some chocolate chips.

Third, do you have a recipe for any banana scones or tea cakes (something I could keep after baking, in the freezer, for a quick snack)?

Fourth, do you have something banana-y that has become a great favorite of yours? A banana caramel tart using puff pastry? Something different?

Fifth, do you know of an easy banana bar cookie or blondie?

Finally, can I mash and freeze the ripe bananas that I cannot use up right away?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Yes, you can freeze them (I just leave them in their skins, put them in a plastic bag, and freeze.)

    Here's my favorite:
    It uses strawberries -- if fresh ones aren't around I use the frozen (non sweetened) berries. The bread is of course a nice pink, and you can taste both the banana and strawberry.

    1. to answer none of your questions, you can just put the whole bananas in the freezer intact. Remove as many as your recipe calls for an hour or so ahead, or give them a minute in the microwave. I have never done it any other way.

      These are a freezer staple at my house for quick weekday breakfasts. I make them by the double batch:
      I reduce the sugar and add berries and ground flax.

      1. I like the faux ice creams made with pureed banana instead of part or all of the dairy. I don't use a recipe though Alton Brown's gets mentions on CH. I just blend the banana with coconut milk and go from there - sometimes adding other fruits, sometimes caramel or chocolate, sweetened to taste. Adding a little guar gum makes it a little easier to scoop but it remains scoopable without. There ARE ice crystals but they are not unpleasant.

        CHOW recipes contains my Healthy Hummingbird Muffins, that were a finalist in the muffin contest a couple of years ago. Add cream cheese frosting and they are cupcakes. Either way they freeze well. You might like other recipes for Hummingbird Cake or quickbread, which I prefer to regular banana bread.

        You can freeze the bananas in the skin, which will keep the flesh color lighter than if you mash them first, though either will work. The skin will become entirely black. Not to worry. Thaw in a bowl, because LOTS of liquid will seep out.

        ATK (or CC) has a banana bread recipe that is excellent and should be free online. It is mentioned in other CH threads. It uses a lot of bananas, concentrating the flavor by nuking them, then boiling down the exuded liquid.

        You can add nuts to any banana bread recipe without altering the rest of the ingredients or

        1. The elvis cake is a go-to cake for me. I use half cream cheese in the pb frosting.

          Epicurious's caramel banana trifle is amazing, mostly for the caramel bananas. I play w/ the recipe and always make more caramel bananas to eat.

          For a basic banana bread recipe, I like the older Best Recipe/CI recipe w/ yogurt. And it makes all the difference w/ whole fat yogurt. I play with that to make snack cakes, add different flavors (would probably be good for your banana coconut cake). Although, this caramel banana upside down cake is very good.

          Since I apparently (never realized it until now) that I have a thing for caramelized bananas, banana tartin is a quick, easy one, if you use premaide puff (coming into the season where Trader Joe's starts carrying theirs).

          As others have said, just freeze the banana in the peel. So much easier.

          1. This is sort of an embarrassment, but I just ADORE this recipe that I found on AllRecipes. I am very picky about my cake and especially with banana anything!

            This recipe uses a lot of bananas and though it has odd instructions, it never disappoints!
            The first time I made this, I halved the recipe, which was a grave mistake. The cake was gone by morning. We don't make the frosting, we just use dark chocolate ganache.


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              That looks really good. Why are you embarrassed about it?

              1. re: chowser

                I usually prefer to say "Yes, here is my recipe for..." instead of using others'. Sometimes it feels wrong when people beg to know where my recipe and I have to admit I ganked it from Allrecipes.
                That being said, it's still a wonderful resource, and this banana cake needs NO improvement (minus the chocolate!) Chocolate improves everything.

                1. re: PuttingUpWithKara

                  I've gotten some really good recipes from Allrecipes and seen some that make me wonder. It is a good resource and it's where I found my favorite grilled naan recipe. I'll have to give this recipe a try. I love cream cheese frosting on banana cake so might keep that, though chocolate ganache is tempting, too. Thanks!