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Oct 21, 2012 06:44 AM

How creative for Thanksgiving?

Do you have family or friends or other guests who really enjoy it when you have new and creative Thanksgiving recipes on the table, or do they "insist" on the same traditional menu from year to year?
Can that recipe you saw in the magazine, so exotic and trendy, be a total flop with the company simply because it is exotic and trendy?
Any whiner stories that have started with the complaint, "...But we always have_______?"

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  1. We solved that problem by ADDING the new items and making less of the old. So, scale back the turkey from 22 lbs to 16, make 5 lbs of mashed potatoes instead of 10, etc. Everyone who is not adventuresome still can have enough of the traditional and others can try your new efforts. If the new items are a hit, eventaully they will be the mainstays of your holdiday traditional meal.

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    1. We occasionally have people who whine because they get a traditional Thanksgiving meal rather than Malaysian peekie toe crabs stuffed with free range sea urchin foam crested with an organic starfruit aoli.

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        1. Our family tradition is to have no tradition :) I make different versions of traditional foods....then several "off the rails" dishes and a ton of apps. We also have guests with changing dietary issues, this year we will be feeding some low carbers, one low calorie, a few vegetarians and one gluten free. The planning takes time, but I make it so everyone has a healthy variety of choices. Luckily, everyone drinks wine :)

          1. my family loves it when I get creative the rest of the year, but Thanksgiving is sacred. The biggest change in recent years has been dropping the cranberry congealed salad my grandmother used to make -- nobody else liked it, so when she passed away, we stopped making it.

            1. We make the basics basic and then add goodies over time.

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                We try to update the menu each year but gramma loves these frozen sweet potato patties. We have made in roads on the green beans, replacing GB casserole with fresh beans tossed in olive oil, garlic, Romano, and a little crumbled French steps. I'd love to try a mixture of roasted sweet potatoes and other roasted root vegetables. Maybe this year I can slip some chestnuts into the dressing. Who could object to that?