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Oct 21, 2012 06:32 AM

Edible Canada at The Market- Wonderful!

I had the pleasure of dining at Edible Canada at the Market while in Vancouver last week. It was fantastic and very reasonably priced. It was a bone numbing rainy night, but the ambience was very cozy, comfortable and inviting. We opted for the $30.00 four course Fall Feast. I chose the market salad with pumpkin seeds, Vij's curry crusted rare tuna (small $3 up charge), ling cod with bok choy, and the spice cake. I had a Vanhattan cocktail. My mom had the same, but had the squash risotto instead of the tuna. The portions were very generous and we loved it and very stuffed. I will definitely be back.

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  1. Thanks for the review, sherry f. I go past this place all the time on my way into the public market & have bought a couple of things in their shop but never tried the cafe before. Suddenly they're on my radar -- a friend was telling me just last week that their duck fat frites are phenomenal. Seems I need to stop in for lunch next time I am out that way!