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Oct 21, 2012 06:27 AM

Rec's for Thanksgiving - Center City

I was offered the opportunity to do a network related project for a client in Philly. Good news -- its only 3 or 4 days work and the money is very good. Bad news -- has to get done over Thanksgiving weekend while the company is shut down.

Looks like I will be doing Thanksgiving solo this year. Any suggestions for Center City restaurants, pubs, etc. where I can have a half-decent Thanksgiving meal and not look to weird being alone. Here in New York, Irish pubs are usually good for something like that -- you can sit at the bar and have a meal, etc. I lived in Philly 25 years ago, and I remember there being no shortage of pubs in Center City, just can't remember anything specific.

Thanks for your help and any suggestions!

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  1. Anicca congratulations on your project. You will have lots of choices of places to eat on Thanksgiving. Here is a good thread on Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. Plough and Stars is the first restaurant that comes to mind that would meet your Irish pub criteria.