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Oct 21, 2012 03:55 AM

Roasted Banana with Rosemary

Found a great rosemary banana recipe and I want to pair a scoop of homemade ice cream alongside it. What flavor and color — cardamom? Rhubarb? Mango? Taro? Something else?

The bananas are roasted with fresh rosemary and a few drops of maple syrup, salt+pepper, a light brush of butter, baked 450 degrees for 4 minutes, removed from heat, brushed sparingly (get this) with bourbon. It all comes together perfectly: subtler than it sounds. Split lengthwise, plated. Great by itself, but what ice cream (or anything else complementary) might go with it?

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  1. I'd stick with vanilla, as subtle as possible -- you've got bananas, rosemary, maple syrup, salt, pepper, and butter -- there's a LOT going on on that plate as it is -- and one more set of flavors is just going to be more noise than harmony.

    1. I agree with the choice of vanilla ice cream.

      If you wish to go with something crispy a dark chocolate lace cookie would be nice.

      1. If you can get your hands on a banana gelato I'd go there; otherwise vanilla ice cream for sure.

        Does the rosemary get used as an infusion only or are there bits of fresh rosemary on the bananas?

        1. I suppose Vanilla is fine, like others have suggested.

          But if you want the rosemary and the roasted sugars of the banana to pop, I would consider a Rum Ice Cream or a Toasted Almond Ice Cream.