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Oct 21, 2012 02:24 AM

Paris Business Travel -Michelin 1* and Other Notable Restaurants

Dear Chow Hounds:

Thank you for the invaluable feedback on restaurant suggestions in Paris. This is update on the various restaurants, I have been fortunate to dine at that I will continue to update. I hope that this will prove useful for some of the restaurants of which there are few/ no threads on.

Spring - The nearest Metro is Louvre-Rivoli, where the restaurant was located less than a 5 minute walk. The decor of the restaurant is modern though a little dark. Diners were an equal split between Americans and French. There is a good wine selection with mark up averaging ~ 300%. My effusive host was Martin, who made dinner at the bar counter a great experience! Amuse #1 was a platter of pata negra, figs and pickled beet root. Amuse #2 was 2 cubes of tuna accompanied by a freshly, shucked oyster and the fried oyster. I have never had oysters as sweet as these! Entree #1 was mullet with a mint sauce with olives. A surprisingly harmonious dish with great flavor although the olives were extraneous. Entree #2, a pigeon ravioli with sliced shitake in a vegetable broth - outstanding! This was the highlight of the meal - I joked with Martin informing that he should replace my main with a bowl of these. The Main was pigeon with a cepe puree and pomegranate - well executed technically, perfect amount of seasoning and the pomegranate providing a good counter to the 'gaminess' of the pigeon. Being greedy, a mistake in hindsight I also had the supplementary 3 cheese platter where the piece de resistance was a 36 month old Comte. Dessert was a mud cake, olive granita and raspberry -lemon tart. Cost for dinner came to Euros 110. Would I return - definitely; I found the hype about Spring genuine.

Saturne - The nearest Metro is Bourse, where the restaurant was conveniently located across the street a 1 minute walk away. The dinner menu was 60 Euros and included Amuse #1 Tomato, and black olive. Amuse #2 oyster, beetroot and pear. Entree #1 cake, carrot and mustard. Main #1 hake, wild mushrooms, molds. Main # 2 sweetbread, quince, butternut squash. Dessert #1 was raspberry, fennel, tarragon, goat cheese. Dessert #2 was sollies figure, fig leaf chocolate. After dining at Spring, Saturne was an afterthought. The food was technically well executed but decidedly average. Interestingly, my wife and I were engaged by our French neighbors dining next to us who were intrigued on how we discovered the restaurant. Cost for dinner came to Euro 75 per person. In conclusion, I would have given Saturne a miss given the small price variation compared to Spring.

Ze Kitchen Galerie 1* - The nearest Metro is St. Michel where the restaurant is approximately a 10 minute walk away. The restaurant is located on rue des Grands Augustins but Chow Hounds should note that it is actually adjacent to this street. I actually walked past it before having to retrace my steps with my map. The chef - William Ledeuil has a reputation for creativity and I looked forward to my meal with great excitement. The restaurant decor is modern, but similar to all restaurants in Paris the space was extremely tight. It was impossible to dine without inadvertedly eaves dropping on the conversation of my neighbors to the left and to the right. Similarly, it was impossible to leave the table without having to pull the table out. I selected the Tasting Menu at 82 Euros which included 7 dishes (3 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts). Entree #1 - mussel, shrimp, whelk, emelon, coral and saffron. Presentation was exquisite, the ingredients combining together with great harmony and excellent balance. This was definitely a 1* dish! Entree #2 - white beans, chanterelles, a sous vide egg in a Thai broth. This was in summary an egg in a very, balanced Tom Yam Gong. I found it immensely creative let alone delicious. I wonder however, if it could have been improved if the egg would have been replaced with a quail's egg though. Another outstanding dish that displayed the chef's creativity and use of fresh produce. Entree #3 - linguini, octopus and sea weed. This was ho-hum - perhaps a larger portion would have enabled a better conclusion to be drawn. Main #1 - mackerel, ceps, spinach and a cep puree with foam of lemon grass. The mackerel was brilliantly cooked and the foam packing in flavor but hardly an outstanding dish. Main #2 - suckling pig, mashed potatoes, quince and a Thai jus. Now, this is what we're talking about. The Thai jus was excellent and the suckling pig was moist, pink with a great crackling! Dessert #1 - corn galette, caramel and some pudding. I'm ambivalent about corn but this was a very, good dessert - give me more! Dessert #2, tamarind - apple cappuccino, nut alcohol emulsion and ginger ice cream. Who is the pastry chef?! This was another good dessert. Service was excellent and quick - the 7 dishes came within 1 hour and 45 minutes, but perhaps this was because they were turning tables. Overall, Ze Kitchen Galerie is a solid 1* and offers good value - would I return? Definitely.

Agape Substance - The nearest metro is St. Michel where the restaurant is located 10 minutes away. The restaurant again was tiny and diners sat at the counter (adjacent and opposite each other) which ran in a straight line from the kitchen. My wife would have found the space age toilet funny - it’s similar to the toilets in Korea which at the press of a button does 50 different things to your bottom :) Dinner did not get off to a good start as I found the menu price did not reflect what was reflected on the website and cost 129 Euros compared to the 99 Euros displayed - be forewarned Chow Hounds especially if you are on a budget! I confess that I almost walked out in disappointment, but decided to bite the bullet - a good decision in retrospect. Dinner here is different from your typical restaurant instead of the regular entree, plats, dessert - one is served a multitude of small dishes which despite the size compensates by the quantity. I pack away a good amount of food but found at the conclusion of the meal that I was eminently satisfied. Dish #1 - beetroot chips that were thin, translucent but packing in flavor. Dish #2 - sponge cake of green tea - ho hum, next please. Dish #3 - parsnip and crème fraiche - the chef used such simple ingredients with great results, I wanted more damn it! Dish #4 - tomato tart with truffle. Dish #5 - pig trotter and beluga caviar - which had a good crunch but was perhaps a little salty. Dish #6 - cream cheese and something - apologies Chow Hounds, the dishes were coming fast and furiously and I found it difficult to take notes. I remember that this was too small a portion to arrive at a cogent conclusion. Dish #7 - deep fried pumpkin and truffle ... exquisite presentation. Dish #8 - white tuna and rem du plaix (spelling?). Dish #9 - sous vide egg, corn mousse and cumin ... god, this was so good. Dish #10 - king crab, Jerusalem artichoke in a sea food broth - this had good balance. Dish #11 - chorizo and Jerusalem artichoke - you will notice that the artichokes feature prominently in the meal ... Dish #12 - pumpkin veloute, German spek and crème fraiche - my wife would have adored this soup - very good. Dish #13 - potato consommé, Jerusalem artichoke and ris de veau - this was another very good dish. Dish #14 - carrot, galangal and yuzu. This was the most creative dish of the night. I have never had galangal where it was not used as a spice. Dish #15 - smoked eel in a black, sesame puree. The highlight of the night; the black sesame puree was to die for - this was a 1* dish. Dish #16 - scallops, broccoli in a broccoli puree which offered an interesting combination. Dish #17 - pork and mushroom in a mushroom jus - ok. Dish #18 - a 48 month old Comte - Jesus wept. Dish #19 - dessert of butternut squash - ok. Dish #20 - chocolate mousse with dark chocolate flakes. In summary, this was an outstanding experience of consistent highs with few average/ mediocre dishes. Would I return? Definitely.

Next update - Les Fables de la Fontaine and Frederic Simonin ...

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  1. Excellent report, thanks!!

    1. Les Fables de la Fontaine - Nearest metro is Ecole Militaire where the restaurant is less than 5 minutes walk away. The setting is small with no more than 25 covers. As I was dining alone, I sat at the counter. The menu is small but I expect this works to the kitchen’s benefit of being able to produce food quickly and of quality. As the tasting menu was priced at 120 Euros, I selected an entree and a main a’la carte and held off on dessert depending on the food. By the way, wine by the glass was a generous pour. Amuse was salmon in a white bean veloute, tasty but nothing special. My starter was crab ravioli with ginger flavored vegetables served in a lemongrass broth. You could smell the broth but it was a case of a louder bark than a bite. Where was the lemongrass? Nonetheless, the 2 large raviolis were cooked al dente perfectly. Main was skate with mozzarella, capers, and herbs with a side of green lentils with foie gras in a smoked bacon emulsion. The fish was cooked well, a mistake many lesser restaurants commit but the mozzarella was extraneous and added little to the dish. The highlight was the side of lentils, bacon and foie gras which was excellent. Service was a little slow, but understandable as it was a full house and they flipped many tables twice. In summary, a good restaurant serving bistro fare but in my view undeserving of a 1* especially for that price point - Ze Kitchen Galerie offers far better food at that value. I left Les Fables de la Fontaine not reflecting on the food, but the disconcerting experience of seated at the counter facing the large pane mirror as passer bys stared intrigued by what I was eating. Would I go back? Absolutely not.

      Frederic Simonin – Nearest Metro is Ternes and the restaurant is located less than 5 minutes walk away. The setting is extremely modern with ample space between tables where you could have a conversation without your neighbors accidentally eaves dropping; exiting was easy without the need for the entire table to be moved. This was the 1st 1* restaurant in Paris that served a varied selection of bread served warm with butter! This made an immediately favorable impression on my wife who likes her bread warm with butter! Amuse was a port with foie gras and parmesan. My wife who avoids foie gras considered asking for seconds a no mean feat. As only the Degustation Menu was available for dinner at 135 Euros, we opted for 2 courses a’la carte. Starter 1 – crab with avocado and lime juice. Gorgeous presentation and we were informed that Frederic obtained the egg-shaped plates based on his previous relationship with a Japanese supplier to Robuchon. The starter while not original was well seasoned and balanced. Starter 2 – foie gras with fig marmalade and wine jelly. The presentation was immaculate, they painted the bloody plate with gold dust in the shape of a duck/ goose head! Again nothing revolutionary, but the foie gras was delicately cooked, smooth, creamy and bursting with flavor. After our starter we remembered seeing on the menu Frederic’s homage to the Robuchon mashed potatoes, and we could not resist the desire to see how good this was. Main 1 – pork braised in coconut milk and tandoori spices. My wife and I have never had pork cooked so delicately before, a good dish. Main 2 - Le Lievre – hare wrapped in blood sausage in a blood sauce with a side truffle macaroni. The sauce was perfect, and I was highly impressed glossy, of a good consistency and almost dark chocolate in color. This was a solid 1* dish as was the side of truffle macaroni; suffice to say, I barely had a taste as my wife chose to scoff most of it. And the mashed potatoes … the mashed potatoes, I can only do it the ultimate compliment by informing that my wife contemplated not ordering dessert for another bowl of the mashed potatoes. The texture, the consistency, the balance … Jesus wept, pardon my sacrilege. We shared a dessert – orange soufflé with a yuzu sorbet again very good. I have seen some comments from Chow Hounds that there is little soul in Frederic’s food – but it is undeniably good. Service was also immaculate. Would I come back, definitely! I would go so far as to say that it tops the list of the 1* restaurants that I have been to so far.

      Next update – Verjus, Le Tablettes de JL Nomicos, Jean, Sola and L’Arome.

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        Verjus – Nearest metro – there are several of them, but we stopped at Bourse where the restaurant was less than 10 minutes walk away. Chow Hounds beware of directions as the restaurant is actually in an internal lane off Rue de Richelieu. The Degustation Menu is 60 Euros. Dish 1 – confiture de bacon, eschalotes marine ciboulette – average. Dish 2 – foie gras rape, epinard, noisettes confits, raisin, marines champignons de mais. A good dish that contained a multitude of textures and was harmonious but I have a preference for my mushrooms cooked. The nuts were a great touch to both the textures and flavor but being at the bottom of the plate was difficult to mix with the rest of dish. Dish 3 – Margret des pomarez ravioli de oignon, rouge orange carvi, celery rave fume – average. Dish 4 – bouef du pays, Basque chanterelles, grilles carottes, ancienne cardamom noire, armande et miso a tasty but average dish. Dish 5 – Mousse au beurre de cacahuetes ganache, au chocolate noir, biscuits crème fouettee cacahuetes grilles – tasty but average dish. Dish 6 – Gateau de potimarron mascarpone, carotte confit meringue de noix glacee de the chai. In summary, there is something inexplicably American in the originality and produce of the dishes. Also, service was good and friendly. The food was delicious but there were no specific highlights. Would I go back? No, once is enough.

        Le Tablettes de JL Nomicos – Nearest metro is Victor Hugo, where the restaurant is less than a 3 minutes walk away. The Discovery Menu is 80 Euros (3 courses with 2 glasses of wine inclusive). The setting is very modern and fashionable, I was extremely taken by the wall and ceiling of weaved panels. There was less space between tables unlike Frederic Simonin but certainly more than the other restaurants. You are provided with an Ipad to view a video on the special of the day (macaroni with foie gras and truffles) and the wine list. Canapes – seabass and goat cheese – ho hum. Amuse – sweet onions, pumpkin and ginger veloute with parmesan – attractive and delicious but where was the ginger? Entrée’ beetroot confit served 4 ways. This was a dish that you were either going to love or hate. I noticed in the party of 4 seated across me that the gentleman clearly was not a big fan of the dish. While aesthetically pleasing in the presentation, it was regretful that there was not enough of the comte cheese cubes in the dish – in the few mouthfuls where there was sufficient together with the beetroot – this was a great dish. Main – scallops, ceps, chestnut puree in a pumpkin sauce. A dish that was technically flawless, containing a harmonious combination greatly enabled by the chestnut puree – a good dish. I must have looked hungry because my courteous waitress cam by thrice to offer me bread! Main – fillet of beef with foie gras, carrot ravioli and lettuce wrapped braised beef (cheek?) with a side of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were clearly nowhere close to what I ate at Frederic Simonin. The carrot ravioli had great flavor but was unfortunately a little over cooked. A tasty dish, but I think there was too much on in the plate. Dessert – Chestnut veloute with a tangerine sorbet – an outstanding dessert. In conclusion, a solid 1*, but lower down the list that Ze Kitchen Galerie and Frederic Simonin but definitely better than Les Fables de la Fontaine. As a matter of personal preference, I would have rather dined at Spring or Agape Substance (except for price point). Would I go back? No, once is enough.

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          Jean – Nearest Metro is Notre Dame de Lorette, where the restaurant is an approximate 2 minutes walk away. I particularly loved the setting for Jean, it reminded me of my childhood and when you were taken to a special restaurant as a treat; it is old and intimate – wooden paneling, tiled, mosaic floors, a large oak (?) counter bar, and brocade and velvet seats. It was also the first restaurant where the diners were predominantly French. I had the Degustation 4 course menu with 3 wines for 95 Euros. Amuse – mushroom and chorizo veloute with parmesan cheese – tasty. Entrée’ – apricot puree, cottage cheese, morels and mushroom. The presentation was a lovely but as it was served in a high glass and the seat was low, it was awkward trying to eat this. I enjoyed the combination of the morels against the sweet apricot – a good dish. 2 dish – Scallops, razor clam, butter nut squash and water cress puree. The scallops were perfectly cooked and the razor clam added to the textural differences, but the watercress puree did not add much due to under seasoning – an average dish. Main – fillet of pork with julienne black mushrooms and chestnuts. I understand the challenges involved with making a good sauce, and this was a good sauce and the black mushrooms … yum – a good dish. Dessert was apple jelly, nuts and a lime sorbet – average. Service was a little slow and my host Jean-Frederic came by several times to check on how I was doing, shoot the breeze and apologize for the time it took to bring my bill, accompanied by a digestif of cognac on the house. It was a pleasant evening despite the wait to settle my bill. In conclusion, Jean is decent 1* lower down that the others but higher than La Fables de la Fontaine. Would I go back? No, once is enough.

          Sola – Nearest metro is St. Michel, where the restaurant is an approximate 5 minutes walk. It has an interesting setting, industrial chic (concrete, wood, brick) with a combination of French and Japanese staff. There is only a Discovery Menu available to diners where you do not have a choice of selection for 88 Euros if I recall correctly. Amuse – lobster, parsnip and lobster emulsion … drool, good big chunks of lobster perfectly cooked - a very, very good amuse the best of all the restaurants so far. Entrée - the Signature dish of the restaurant – foie gras marinated with miso and white wine, carmarlized with brown sugar on polenta with a piece of corn. Beautiful presentation, a good myriad of textures and the flavors of miso and white wine coming through the lovely foie not to mention the nice flavor from the burnt corn – a 1* dish! Dish 2 – salmon, salmon roe, mascarpone, apples and balsamic vinegar. Another beautifully presented dish, that was extremely balanced with clean flavors – very good. Dish 3 – whelk with something (apologies Chow Hounds as I had a little difficult task of translating my waiter’s heavy Japanese accent). A good dish with the whelk providing great texture against the sweet ginger and coriander. Dish 4 – Scallops, cauliflower in a cauliflower puree. Well seasoned and I enjoyed the cauliflower puree but this dish did not do it for me, I suspect because it was under seasoned – average. Dish 5 – Chicken tartar, chicken broth, white fish and spinach. The broth was lovely, light but flavorful and the crispy onions mixed with the chicken tartar and fish accentuated the difference in textures and provided good smokiness – a very good dish. Dish 6 – Turbot, lardo, mini leek and capers – this dish did not cut it – average. Dish 7 – Veal, sweet bread, purple lettuce, cep mushrooms and parsnip puree. A dish that was beautifully presented, combined unbelievably well (the purple lettuce was incredible) and it had a great sauce. If I was extremely particular, the one thing that prevented this dish from being perfect was the sear on the veal but was yet another 1* dish. Pre-dessert – passion fruit sorbet, apricot, apricot candy, passion fruit and mascarpone – a 1* dish. Who’s the patisserie chef?! Dessert – cookies, marone (spelling?), cream of marone and vanilla ice cream – a 1* dish. Give the patisserie chef a raise damn it. My neighbors, 2 Parisian women who had stepped out for a cigarette before the pre-dessert arrived flashed me the thumbs up as an inquiry to the pre-dessert – they had clearly, enjoyed the meal. The waiters were intrigued by the foreigner scribbling notes throughout the course of the meal and as compliments brought out some gifts from the patisserie chef – a soy cloud and a green tea pastry .. both were very good. In conclusion, Sola is the best 1* restaurant I have ever been to so far – it was fun, relaxed and the food despite some misses was excellent at that price point. Would I go back? Yes, in fact I was thinking of taking my wife with me as she surely would have enjoyed it.

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            I like your summary responses to going back.
            They say it all.

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              Le Violon d'Ingres - Nearest metro is Ecole Militaire, where is the restaurant is a 10 minute walk away. Amuse - variety of cheese tarts and roasted almonds - average. Starter - foie gras pan seared with ginger bread, carrots glazed with acacia honey ... they ran out of carrots and replaced this with quince and I was uninformed until served. Definitely, not a good start to the meal - who runs out of carrots? To make things worse, there was no ginger bread and there was a discernible layer of oil separating from the foie gras. I do not expect a 1* restaurant to butcher the foie gras - a poor dish. Main - a saddle of lamb marinated in red wine and a chestnut ragout. Perhaps, it was an off night for the chef or that the restaurant was packed but this was a dismal experience. It pains me to consider the glowing endorsements some Chowhounds possess on this restaurant. Would I go back? Absolutely not, in fact give me my money back.

              Le Lumiere - The nearest metro is Opera where the restaurant is less than a 2 minutes walk away. Amuse - pumpkin soup, cinnamon and macadamia nuts - good. Starter - the chef's signature dish of black pudding with sauteed potatoes, trumpet mushrooms and fried quails eggs. This was a 1* dish - original, harmonious and at a great price! If I had to nit pick the quails eggs were perhaps a touch over cooked and presentation was a little awkward as the dish kept shifting on the plate that it was served on. Main - fillet of venison, breaded shoulder stewed in wine, jerusalem artichoke and potimarron pumpkin. Technically excellent, well seasoned but conservative as you would expect of a hotel restaurant. Would I go back? Once is enough.

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                Restaurant Kei - The nearest metro is Louvre-Rivoli where the restaurant is less than a 5 minute walk away. Kei is a small, cosy but modern restaurant with ~ 10 tables. I took the Composition 1 menu for 95 Euros. Amuse - salted cake with Iberico ham; macaroon with foie gras and passion fruit; cookie with seaweed; and a granita of lime and ginger. Starter - radish, apple and smoked salmon with hazelnuts and horseradish dressing. Not bad, not bad at all. Dish 2 - crispy sea bass with miso and lemon. A 1* dish - creative technique, great quality, original and good presentation. You could hear the crunch of the skin crackling when you bit into the fish. Dish 3 - Brittany lobster, japanese pancake, chocolate with a lobster emulsion and a lobster sauce - a very good dish. Dish 4 - slow cooked pork, leek and aubergine with spices in a pork jus - very good. Dish 5 - cheese platter with a small portion of young Comte. Dish 6 - honey lime, yuzu sorbet, yuzu, grape fruit and meringue - very interesting dessert except the yuzu sorbet perhaps overpowered the rest of the dessert. Dish 7 - white chocolate in different temperatures with vanilla ice cream and caramelized biscuits - very good! Petit fours - salted caramel biscuits, assortment of chocolates and molecular earl grey tea. Conclusion - go to Kei, one of the finest 1* in Paris, although a little high for the price point.

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                  Akrame - the nearest metro is Charles de Gaule Etoile where the restaurant is a 5 minute walk away. It is a small restaurant with ~ 9 tables of 24 covers, mainly French patrons. The Menu Gourmand of 6 dishes cost 80 Euros. Amuse 1 - brioche and smoked herring. Amuse 2 - lime, avocado and apple tart which was good; salmon roe tart and a cheese tart which was interesting. Dish 1 - smoked potatoes and a julienne of potatoes. Good but its potatoes ... Dish 2 - passion fruit, celery and crab an intriguing dish. Dish 3 - Normandy cockles with a julienne of lettuce - a good dish. Dish 4 - polenta gnocchi, milk mousse and white fish; another good dish. Dish 5 - oyster with some jelly. Five dishes and still no meat?! Dish 6 - Andrizo, potato and land cress - an excellent dish. Dish 7 - quail, leek, prunes with a side of vegetables and licorice. Not the biggest fan of licorice, but the sauce was brilliant. The quail was a tad overcooked for my preference. Cheese - a 42 month Compte - a sense of balance has been restored after the late appearance of the meat! To conclude, a trio of desserts - white chocolate, chantilly cream and olive; apple mousse and caramel which was good and a canneloni of mango. Akrame puzzles,there were lows and highs ... would I return? Hmmm ... possibly.

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                    Okay, I have to ask: In what industry are you lucky enough to work?

                    I'm picturing the heart attacks my accounting department would have with 1* dinner expense notes. :o)

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                    La Truffiere - the nearest metro is Place Monge where the restaurant is a 2 minute walk away. The restaurant is large spanning 2 floors. Service was very quick, and perhaps the meal could have used more pacing; wine by the glass was a very generous pour. Apologies as I could not recall the amuses. After a terrible day in the office, I decided to splurge on the truffle menu. Starter was the vialone risotto with black truffle. Presentation was a little messy from the shaving of the truffle, but that was an obscene amount of truffle which accounted for the extravagant price. Flawless execution and one of the best risotto I have ever had - low in originality but high in harmony and quality. The main was an oxtail stew with truffled mashed potatoes and black truffle. A very good dish indeed. The portions may initially appear small, but with bread trust me that it was the right amount. Petit fours - creamy caramel, dark chocolate and an unbelievable truffle macaroon! Would I come back again? No, once is enough especially at the price point.

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                      Le Pergolese - The nearest metro is Argentine where the restaurant is a 2 minute walk away. 3 types of bread was offerred all served warm! Amuse - a royale of foie gras with apple and cream which was very good. Starter - half pigeon, roasted breast and leg stuffed with foie gras, fuji apple carpaccio and a meat jus vinagrette dressing - very good. Main - pan fried dover sole stuffed with mushroom duxelle - again very good. Pre-dessert - chocolate macaroons and pralines. Dessert - caramelized pear souffle which looked outstanding but was too thin. Would I come back again? Yes, a solid 1* restaurant.

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                        Hiramatsu - The nearest metro is Boisoniere where the restaurant is a 2 minute walk away. Amuse - mackerel withe vegetables, chicken with mayonnaise, cheese puff and beetroot mousse.The cheese puff was excellent. Starter 1 - green asparagus gazpacho with a white chestnut mousse. Simple but excellent. Starter 2 - scallop, mussels, caviar with a lemon and fish sauce. The fish sauce was incredible and the dish harmonious - a 1* dish. Starter 3 - crayfish with vegetables, mango, passion fruit and an Alsace sauce. Excellent, another 1* dish. Main 1 - foie gras, pan fried fish with turnips, mushroom in a consomme. The chef was on a roll, this was another 1* dish. The consomme was fabulous and who would have paired foie gras with a fish? Main 2 - john dory, mussels, green asparagus with a saffron sauce. The cooking was technically flawless, quality of produce exceedingly high and there is something about Japanese chefs in particular that promote such clean flavors. Main 3 - saddle of lamb, anchovies with potatoes and truffle with komatsu. A great dish! Pre-dessert - pear caramelized with lemon juice and sugar pop-pops. Playful and entertaining, it brought a smile to my face reminiscing about my childhood. Dessert 1 - meringue on a mascarpone ice cream, yoghurt and clementine. The pastry chef is certainly earning his or her keep! Dessert 2 - vanilla icre cream, chestnut mousse, biscuit with a hot chocolate and whisky sauce ... so good. Dessert 3 - petit fours. Would I come back? You betcha!

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                          Le Diane - the nearest metro is George V where the restaurant is a minute walk away.Service was excellent, I was offered newspapers and magazines as I was dining alone! Apologies Chowhounds as I could not recall Amuse 1. Amuse 2 - king prawn and gazpacho. Now that's a good amuse. 3 types of butter and the seaweed butter while not as good as Oud Sluis rivalled where I had been offered at other 2* establishments. Starter - black truffle and fowl oyster with light quail egg cream and foie gras shavings. A 1* dish, my wife would have very embarassingly asked for seconds despite the large portion size! Main - milk fed lamb, candied aubergine and green harissa. A good dish. Pre-dessert - mine icre cream on a cacao jelly. Dessert - poached pear, orange linzer shortbread biscuit with fromage frais sorbet with gingerbread powder. A disappointment after the brilliant starter and almost equal main. Would I go back? Yes, especially like Sola it was at a great price point.