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Oct 20, 2012 11:10 PM

Jackie's Thai, Eau Claire Market, Calgary

I find the whole experience at Eau Claire to be pretty depressing, but there's a newer place in the food court that I have to recommend. It's called Jackie's Thai after the owner (her name is Jackie as you might guess) and the food there is incredibly good and is really good value too, incredible. You can get two meat curries with rice, which is a big portion, for something like $9. There are also really good salads, a green papaya salad that's spicy enough to make you cry and a Thai chicken salad that's made to order that's also delicious. Pad thai is made to order and even though it's all served on styrofoam plates, it's plated beautifully with the sprouts and cilantro done very nicely. Oh, there's this dish that they make at Khao San (which you should also get to know, it's where Jaro Blue used to be on 17th) called something like Kao Soi and it's a soupy dish with noodles in a creamy broth- it's better than it sounds- well, they make the same dish at Jackie's but call it Chang Mai Noodle Soup and I think the version at Jackie's is actually better and it's maybe half the price. But you're eating in a food court so I guess that would follow. Anyway this place is fantastic, I've eaten here maybe 5 times since they opened in the summer and I wish I worked closer the the market, I'd go there a few times a week if I could.

I don't know if this post gets me in trouble for referring to another food website, but if you look Jackie's up on urban spoon, you'll see they have a 100% thumbs up rating with 30 or so reviews- that's really really high.

So if you're seeing a movie at Eau Claire or there for the AIDS walk or whatever, please have lunch or dinner at Jackie's. It's a place that deserves our support.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to try this place. My nanny is Thai and she recommended that I try Jackie's because the Pad Thai is amazing.

    1. Finally was able to get over and try this place. They had about 5different dishes to have with rice, in addition to the Pad Thai, salads and soup. The whole experience was very good. My co-worker and I got there, started looking at the options. The guy working the front offered us a couple to try in a sample cup. Seem to have a nice assortment from mild to spicy dishes. Will be back to try all the menu items.

      1. I checked out Jackies this aft and to be honest I was looking for the chicken salad dish mentioned in the OP and/or the creamy chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately they didn't seem to have either dish available on their steam trays or on the posted menu. I was going to order the tom yum goon but I changed my mind at the last second because I was quite hungry and it didn't appear to come with noodles. Perhaps there's a separate made-to-order menu I'm not aware of?

        Anyhow I got the 1 meat, 1 veg combo with rice and it was certainly decent and great value for money, however, I found the flavour to be fairly one-note and bordering on mild/bland for Thai food that I was really expecting to pop. For the record I had the Penang beef as well as the vegetable curry that consisted of braised greens in a peanut or cashew curry style sauce. I'll definitely go back....hopefully to try those less common dishes mentioned above.

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          Wow, I've found it hot enough to blow the top of my head off! Do get the green papaya salad next time- it's made to order (not at the steam table in other words) and if you ask for hot... you're asking for HOT. I mean the hottest thing I've ever eaten hot. Delicious too.

          1. re: plateofshrimp

            Good call.....I LOVE green papaya salad. Now I just have find out how to get my hands on those dishes you mentioned in the original post....

        2. LivingSocial has a $10 for $20 deal for Jackie's Thai on right now, good until April 21; it's on for another 6 days but they could well sell out before then.

          1. I finally got to try Jackie's and loved it! I had the green curry with rice - it was delicious! Definitely a great find!