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Oct 20, 2012 08:54 PM

Where to buy Japanese Ingredients in Ottawa (Bonito Flakes/Dashi powder)

Hi, I'm trying to find some bonito flakes for some tradition soup stock but I haven't found it in any stores. I've tried the Chinatown's Kowloon, and T&T. I'm not aware of any Japanese owned stores that may carry it. If you could point some stores out, that would be great! Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried T&T?
    The branch I go to has two Japanese sections, dry, and cold.

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      I have tried T&T but I couldn't find the Bonito Flakes in either the dry section ( where I found the dried kombu) and the cold section (that had the dry anchovies but no bonito flakes).

    2. I find Kowloon's stock is inconsistent. I have been able to buy bonito flakes there in the past but sometimes they have it and sometimes they don't.... I have even seen instant dashi stock there on occasion. If you ever shop in the Byward Market there is a Japanese restaurant in the Byward Market Square (where Rocky Mountain Chocolates is located) and it's called Sushi Zone. It is a Japanese restaurant/grocery store so you might have better luck finding bonito flakes there. Good luck with your search.

      1. I've been looking to make Dashi too. When I lived in Toronto, way before T&T existed, the best places to buy (admittedly expensive) Japanese food ingredients were health food stores. I just phoned Rainbow Foods - Richmond and Carling area - they have bonito flakes.