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Oct 20, 2012 07:02 PM

Crumbling dry peppers

I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to dry peppers, so crumbling dry peppers with my bare hands is not a good idea. I see a few options:

(a) use surgical gloves -- a hassle, and a waste of gloves unless I manage to re-use them. Plus the flakes stick to them.
(b) Put the pepper inside a small plastic bag and crumble from outside. (This sort of works, but not great).
(c) Pestle and mortar -- didn't work well for me in a Le Creuset stoneware one, maybe I do not have the right pestle.
(c) Give up on dried peppers :-)

Any other idea? Many thanks! -- CF

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    or a coffee grinder might work

    the first option won't work if you mean whole dried peppers rather then chili flakes which I realize now you probably mean, which puts me back to coffee grinder suggestion

    1. A $10 coffee grinder. Just don't use it for coffee also.

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      1. I agree with TeRReT. I don't know exactly what dried pepper you use. I actually use some dried habanero peppers. I do like to cut them with a knife first -- especially if I want to de-seed them. After that, I put it in an inexpensive blade coffee grinder.

        Because you said you have allergic reaction to the pepper.... you will still need to use gloves while cutting them with a knife or even just to transport them in and out of the coffee grinder.

        (From time to time, I also wear gloves too, especially when I apply the dried pepper on the meat and rubbing on it. Otherwise, I can feel pain in my fingernail bed -- it gets in there)

        1. Once had a messa jalapenos and knew they'd just go bad before I'd ever use them. Wore GLOVE, sliced stems of and cut lengthwise. Then into cheap food dehydrator till crispy... time?? I ran them thru the food processor to get a coarse powder that's a nice sub for cayenne or black pepper in herb mixes/rubs. NOTE: put a damp towel over top of processor and do NOT immediately pull lid off... had a POOF of jalapeno dust iin the air that set off a long coughing/sneezing fit!!

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          1. re: kseiverd

            <o NOT immediately pull lid off... had a POOF of jalapeno dust iin the air that set off a long coughing/sneezing fit!!>

            Ha ha ha. I remember this happened to me as well -- now that you mentioned it.

            But then, this exactly proves the coffee grinder works well -- able to produce flakes small enough that can go airborne.

          2. When I need to crumble small chilies like the hontaka or thais I just drop them in a plastic sandwich bag and crush away until I get the size I want.