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Oct 20, 2012 06:48 PM

suggestions for good, quiet restaurants in the Boston area and also for the best Chinese restaurant

We will be in the Boston area for two days, a Saturday and a Sunday. On the Saturday night we would like to eat at a high quality restaurant with excellent, interesting cooking but we also need the restaurant to be quiet enough to allow serious conversations. We do not care about the price or the type of food, but we do need a restaurant that does not play rock music or other loud background music. Do you have any suggestions? Also do you have any suggestions for a good Chinese restaurant for the Sunday evening?

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  1. Chinese:
    For Pekin Duck - you need to order an at least 1 days in advance - China King - three courses and a lot of food for 3. The price is very reasonable; ask for noodles witht the second course.
    For seafood in the tank: East Ocean Seafood and Peach Farm in Chinatown.
    Sichuan: Sichuan Gourmet and The New Shanghai - old chef was Shanghaiese
    Taiwainese: Mulan (Cambridge near MIT) and Jo-Jo Tapei (Alston)

    If you want a high end French/New American experience, I think that most of these places are quiet.

    1. My favorite restaurant in Chinatown is a little place called Best Little Restaurant. You could do a search on this board regarding people's recommendations but I wouldn't miss the Garlic fried spare ribs if you go.

      1. Sunday dinner as I just did today, surrounded by groupings of family who ranged from clearly respected 80 - 90 years young to screaming babies of a couple of months for Sichuan: Sichuan Gourmet , Billerica, MA. for the real experience.

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          there is sichuan gourmet in brookline on the green line. though there isnothing wrong with going to Billerica.

        2. The best Chinese restaurant in Boston is Shanghai Gate, near the corner of Harvard and Comm Ave in Allston.

          1. Sichuan Gourmet in Brookline is excellent, and has several items not on the menu in Framingham, including a foil-wrapped "street barbecue" dish you have to know about or ask for.

            I find the menu at Red Pepper in Framingham much more interesting, but I've been eating Sichuan food since 2005 or so, and I'm jaded. But the cooking at SG is hands down better and consistent over three restaurants (the exception being Billerica) and 7 years, so if you're unfamiliar with the food, go to SG, and make sure you talk to a manager before ordering--RP doesn't pull any punches for its non-Chinese clientele, but SG does, and you can't tell from the SG menu what's Americanized and what isn't.

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              i would love to try the new ramen place, but i know in my heart it will not be a more satisfying bowl of soup then Red Pepper's J14 Noodles with stewed beef in house spicy soup.

              no 2 hour wait, parking and 7.50. totally hooked.

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                Any dishes you particularly recommend? We visit Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham pretty regularly, but it sounds like we'll have to pull ourselves away to try Red Pepper.