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Things in bread: olives, cheese, nuts, what else?

I've come to the realization that I like bread with things in it. Olive bread. Cheesy bread (with the cheese baked in). Banana-nut bread. I need more things to put in bread. What else would be good?

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  1. Chopped garlic cloves, jalapenos (not in the same loaf).

    1. Raisins or chopped up dates. Or any dried fruit.

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        Oh, raisin bread, of course! Other dried fruit is interesting, any recommendations?

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            Dried unsweetened cranberries & pumpkin seeds go well together in breadmaking.

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                It's great with finelly chopped up prunes!

              2. herbs (chives, basil, rosemary, thyme, etc) ,coconut, red beans, sweet black beans, sweet potato, taro, bacon, ham, dried tomatos, apples/ cinnamon and plenty more I can't think of right now

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                    Melon pan is one of my weaknesses. I even got melon sugar in a tube that I can spread over a piece of regular bread and then when I toast the bread I get melon pan toast :D

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                      As far as I know, Japanese melon pan doesn't contain any pieces of melon. However, the expression "melon pan" is raunchy slang for full-shaped female breasts, FWIW.

                1. I make foccacia with carmelized onions or sun-dried tomatoes incorporated into the dough. There are Indian breads made with spinach, or baked stuffed with onions or nuts or fruits.

                  I've also made bread with leftover pureed winter squash.

                  1. Spinach. Walnuts. Cranberries. Chocolate............

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                        really - pb&j, what preparation?

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                            I don't want a list of sandwiches, but you can get PB&J swirled into bread: http://bit.ly/OSJn61

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                              Thanks, I was wondering if it was a muffin or something - great link thanks

                      2. Jalapenos, cheese and bacon!!! Wonderful bread!!!

                        1. Lard Bread, Prosciutto Bread, Chocolate Bread, and Fig Bread

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                            I'm surprised it took this long for someone to recommend lard bread. Those little spicy flecks of salumi in rich bread are delicious.

                          2. pistachio and chorizo

                            1. Panettone with sugar orange and lemon peel, raisins, and candy ginger. Yum!

                              Casatiello with good salami and provolone cheese.

                              Knish with mashed potatoes, cheese, and leeks. (A LOT more other ways as well.)

                              Potica with walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, and honey.

                              I forget what the Russian one was with poppy seed filling was. But could also use almond paste.

                              1. Jalapenos and cheese
                                Olive oil and rosemary
                                Coconut in a slightly sweet dough

                                    1. I love the Italian bread with chunks of prosciutto, garlic, cheese and olives!!!!!!!!!!

                                      1. Super grain and seed bread.
                                        Soaked wheatberries, (rinsed) quinoa and millet, amaranth, wheat germ, steel cut oats, grits, brown rice hot cereal, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, poppy, flax seeds. You might want to add some vital wheat gluten to help with rise, but it will still be a denser loaf!

                                        1. Chocolate cherry bread!

                                          1. Regarding sweet versions of white bread - one year I ran short on Raisins and Chocolate morsels, so I grabbed some Sugar cubes. My then young children really loved the caramelized little pockets.

                                            1. Roasted peppers
                                              Chopped nuts
                                              Pesto swirl
                                              Roasted potatoes
                                              Roasted tomatoes

                                              1. cornbread with minced onion and cheese (and/or jalapenos)
                                                Banana bread with blueberries and pecans ( a Big Hit!)

                                                Yeast bread dough with "fillings" made into dim sum or pasties (most freeze well)

                                                Once made a yeast bread with Chocolate chips, Allspice, and extra sugar.was ok....might be better as a rollup idea

                                                1. This has got to be some of the wildest looking bread I've ever seen (Eastern European "povitica"),
                                                  but the flavors and add-ins look very interesting ... http://www.povitica.com/Flavors.aspx

                                                    1. Not what I think you expect to hear....... but lamb..... yes lamb!

                                                      Keeman Naan (Bread) (not sure of spelling)....

                                                      1. I like Paul Prudhomme's jalapeno cheese bread / roll recipe.

                                                        Mary Ann Esposito has two I like: Lemon bread, and spinach bread. But nobody at my house likes spinach as much as I do, so I rarely make the latter.