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Where to buy a smoked turkey?

Does anyone know where to purchase a smoked turkey in North Jersey?

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      Seriously second this. Those Greenberg smoked turkeys are outstanding, I'm ordering myself again this year. The smoky stock from the carcass after is wonderful for beans.

      1. re: DuchessNukem

        Just received the Greenberg turkey. It is really something. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. re: wblorch

          So happy to hear TEXAS still does something right! (from a native Texan)

          1. re: wblorch

            Got my 10#-er in the fridge. Double-bag the bones and skin (they will scent your freezer anyway) and do use for stock or beans.

        1. In Brooklyn the jive Turkey, they have a website and ship

          1. dunno if any in nj, but there is dicksons in nyc that is doing smoked turkey this year that you can pick up.

            1. John's Meat Market in Scotch Plains has smoked turkeys....they get them from some Amish folks near Lancaster (along with bacn and pork).....very high quality and resonably priced

                1. Got a Greenburg turkey last year and no one could stand the taste. Wound up in the garbage. Very foul taste.

                  1. I saw some butterball frozen smoked turkeys at my local aldi last weekend right before christmas:


                    The merchandise there changes from week to week so no guarantees these are left.

                    I have also found them at Costco in the past.

                    Finally, you could ask your custom butcher to order one. If butterball sells them they will be able to order, maybe even the custom meat counter at the local Shoprite would be able to do this.

                    I know butterball is a commercial brand and under attack from the PETA idiots, but their smoked turkeys are actually not bad. Precooked so you just thaw and reheat, with a light smoke flavor.

                    More info here: