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Oct 20, 2012 05:38 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner at Craft?

Have done wonderful Thanksgiving dinners at Saddle Peak Lodge, Scarpetta, Fig, Fogo de Chao, Napa Rose and this year I am thinking of trying Craft Los Angeles. Has anyone tried the holiday dinner at Craft? Thanks so much for any feedback and may I be the first to wish you happy holidays 2012.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks, this years menu is not up yet but they said it would be similar to 2011 but $10 more.

    2. We had a great T-day dinner at Craft two years ago.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Jack Flash please tell me more. Was it family style? What dishes did you try?

        1. re: wienermobile

          Everything was served family style. Each diner got to choose a main course from a selection that included turkey, ham, beef (I think it was sirloin), or something vegetarian. I had the turkey, my wife had the ham, I believe, and my stepdaughter had the beef. All were expertly prepared.

          Craft is one of my favorite restaurants, and they did not disappoint. I remember being impressed with the amount of food they served. I seem to recall being told that if we wanted more of the side dishes, all we needed to do was ask. It was the first time I'd ever gone to a restaurant for Thanksgiving after 40 consecutive holidays at home (or at the home of either my grandparents or our cousins), and I was a bit skeptical because, for me, the best part of TG is having the leftovers. Well, we finished all of our starters, mains & sides (didn't ask for more), but there was enough food that I didn't have room for all of the desserts they served, and happily brought home the leftovers of those.

          I would have gone again last year without protest, but other members of the family shamed me back into doing it all by myself at home.

          Everything else was typical Craft: top notch service, interesting cocktails, etc.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            Thanks so much, you've really helped me with my decision.

            1. re: Jack Flash

              I would have gone again last year without protest, but other members of the family shamed me back into doing it all by myself at home
              Easy for them to do probably because you have to do all the cooking! ;)

              Having said that, it's probably one of the easier meals to make if you get enough people to do the prep work.

              1. re: Jack Flash

                Agreee with Jack Flash. We went last year and it is was great - food, service, drinks, ambience. Only minor issue was that we could not bring our own wine and pay corkage. We both had turkey and had lots of leftover turkey and desserts to bring home. They did not mention we could get more of the sides but we really did not need more so did not matter. The service was also great but we felt sorry for our server working on Thanksgiving until he told us that all the staff's families were coming in for dinner after they closed to the public. We plan to reapeat this year.

                1. re: dgusanz

                  Only minor issue was that we could not bring our own wine and pay corkage.
                  Would be a major issue and deal breaker for me.

                  1. re: Porthos

                    I like to look at no corkage policies as the same way I would if I was going to dinner at a friend's house and they were serving a wine they picked out for the meal they were serving (and hell, at the restaurant I even have a choice of wines to pick from). I might like my wine better, but I won't let it deter me from having a great evening. Craft can certainly deliver on wine well enough for one to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      I'm sure your friend wouldn't object if you brought a very nice aged Grand Cru burgundy or 2 to dinner.

                      Plus, there is the issue that most wine lists in LA are too young and often too expensive with a hefty 3x markup. Charge me $40 corkage to make up for the lost revenue. I'll gladly pay it. And on a night like Thanksgiving, of course I would bring enough to share.

                  2. re: dgusanz

                    How odd about the wine; IIRC, Craft's normal (i.e., non-holiday) corkage policy allows you to bring in your own wine (for a rather high corkage fee) as long as it's not on the restaurant's wine list.

            2. Though it wasn't a major holiday, we spent Fathers Day at Craft, and had an exceptional meal. I cannot imagine their Thanksgiving dinner will be anything but spectacular......please let us know how it was if you decide to go.

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              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                I will definitely report back in about 30 days.

              2. We just booked for Thanksgiving. Menu not out yet - they said they will post it next week.

                Most importantly, you can bring your own wine. Corkage is $25 for a regular bottle and $50 for a magnum. No corkage charge if you bring a wine of your own and order a bottle from their list as well. NOTE - re my previous post on this topic - I may have misremembered (confused them with another place, maybe) about last year on Corkage

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                1. re: dgusanz

                  This sounds 200% more pleasant than suffering through all that cleaning/cooking/stress at home... Also of note, Waterloo & City is doing a T-giving dinner (at same price level as well), but I do love me some Craft.

                2. Craft's Thanksgiving menu just came out this morning and I'm real looking forward to it:

                  (for the table)

                  Smoked Cod, Pickled Cauliflower & Carrots

                  Kale Salad, Roasted Beets, Crispy Shallots & Mustard Vinaigrette

                  Venison Carpaccio, Pears & Chestnuts

                  Main Course

                  (choose one)

                  Organic Free Range Turkey

                  Diver Sea Scallops


                  Beef Short Ribs

                  Berkshire Pork Loin

                  Japanese Yam Agnolotti


                  (for the table)

                  Sausage & Raisin Stuffing

                  Mixed Roasted Vegetables

                  Potato Purée

                  Assorted Mushrooms

                  Cranberry Sauce


                  (for the table)

                  Pecan Pie

                  Pumpkin Pavlova & Quince

                  Chocolate Bread Pudding & Armagnac Prunes

                  Cost $95 Children 5 and under free. Served 2-8pm