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Oct 20, 2012 05:13 PM

Keeping Stock and Chili hot so I don't have to pitch it!

So I wasn't thinking ahead and made crock pot chili and stove top chicken stock this afternoon. I also went shopping and have a full gallon of milk in the fridge. I know that I should keep the hot food over 165 and the cold below 40ish so they both stay safe. How can I do that? I decided to put both in a 175 degree oven overnight and then in the am put the chili back into the crockpot and continue to cook for the day and the stock I'll strain and cool in an ice bath and then freeze for future use. What have I missed in this plan?

On edit I do this in the winter frequently and put them on the deck ( less than 40*) with great results! tonight will only get to the 50's!

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  1. You could have just let the stock keep going over night. I do that all that time. Then I can it the next day. With chili I just let it cool and put it in the fridge.

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      I have no room that won't put it near the milk.

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        You could pre-cool the pot of chili in a sink of cold water (preferably with ice), refreshing the water as it warms up. I think it would be "safe" overnight in the oven, but I don't think it would do much for the taste - there is such a thing as overcooking chili...

    2. The more surface area with regards to its mass (surface to mass ratio) your chili has, the faster it will cool off. Also, the better the metal that the pan or pot the chili is in is at conducting heat, the faster it will cool off. That being said, look for a very large pan (14" - 16") or even a couple of sheet pans. Spreading your chili out thin in either of these vessels will cool it off if a matter of minutes.