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Oct 20, 2012 04:50 PM

The Gabardine...great devilled eggs. After that, downhill.

Had lunch at the Gabardine with a friend this week.

I had the devilled eggs, chicken liver pate and shrimp poboy. Downhill in that order. Devilled eggs were amazing. A bit on the cold side, though. Chicken liver pate was great, but for $9 they give you a small quenelle, which is a total ripoff. Shrimp poboy...well, the shrimp were the tiny ones like you get at Red Lobster (I went as a kid). No flavour and more breading than shrimp.

My friend had the soup. I think it was squash. He really liked it. But his PHilly Cheese steak was ho-hum apparently.

These dishes and two beers, $82 incl. tip and tax.

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  1. My boyfriend and I usually go with the fish special (no matter what it is) and it's consistently fantastic. I think I've been there for lunch at least 10-12 times and the specials or burger, mac&cheese or chicken pot pie is the way to go. The sandwiches haven't wowed me either.

    I do think it's worth giving another chance.