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Oct 20, 2012 04:39 PM

Where to get pita bread in Tucson?

I want to make schwarmas and am looking for the large (or at least medium) sized pita bread, around 10-12" in diameter. Does anyone know where I can find this in Tucson? I literally went to 7 DIFFERENT SUPERMARKETS (Safeway, Fry's, Food City, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart) AND a middle eastern market (Babylon Foods), and not a single one carries the larger sized bread. In fact, most don't even have it, but for those that did it's about the size of a corn tortilla (LOL).

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  1. That leaves Bashas', Albertson's, Lee lee's and AJ's. I'm guessing you might have good luck at AJ's, a really upscale market.

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      I want to remember that I saw some at Costco some time ago. Not on my shopping list, so didn't inspect carefully as to size. Not sure if they still carry them. Call a Costco to see if they can help you.

    2. I know the feeling! The pita here is thick and gross. I say try other ethnic markets and when you find it let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. what's your shwarma marinade recipe? fyi-nur market had a shwarma spice packet that smelled good, I should have bought it!

        1. Perhaps Panera Bread can help you out with suggestions, nonlinear.

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              The Arizona version of Panera is Paradise Bakery, which maintains its own separate presence from Panera. Neither Panera nor Paradise offer anything wrap-like; A trip to Paradise is likely barking up the wrong tree in more ways than one.

              Oh, I have it! Beyond Bread! Way better than Paradise, at least when I lived down there many years ago. As much as I ate there, I probably made a couple of mortgage payments for them. They have pitas on the daily bread menu, which I imagine are the regular size. Their website says that they can do special orders with four days' notice. Stop in for a loaf and a chat with the bakers, what's the worst that could happen?

              If it comes down to brass tacks, pita is darned easy to make...

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                My son worked at the Speedway Beyond bread location during high school. I was surprised at how good the pita bread from there was. Normally I don't even like pita because unless it's absolutely fresh it's not good. This was wonderful.

                And to the OP- maybe it wasn't pita, but I got some wonderful round, fresh, soft, tasty flatbread at Babylon Market last Sunday. It was larger than usual and so fresh they were still a little warm. Try them on Sunday morning. That's a nice store, I know next to nothing about Middle Eastern food but I can tell it's a quality market..