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Oct 20, 2012 04:02 PM

Warning on Ikea kitchen cabinets

I have two kitchens. In one kitchen that is used all year around, I put in Ikea wood and glass cabinets. Seven years later those cabinets are as good as new. In the other kitchen, which is used gently (no children around) for only six months of the year, I put in the Ikea white painted Applad line. Only three years later the paint on these cabinets is fraying seriously in several places and is also chipped. Patching looks patchy. At the time I bought them, the Ikea assistant told me that the Applad painted finish isn't as durable as the foil finish. I hope anyone choosing among Ikea cabinet lines will remember this.
I have no other problems with the Ikea cabinets - only the deteriorating Applad paint.

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  1. They would be covered under warranty, fyi.

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    1. re: splatgirl

      Really? How long does the warranty last?

        1. re: splatgirl

          Finally got through by email. My options seem to be take drawers and cabinet doors back with receipt etc. Or send photographs with receipt etc for a possible 30% reduction. The first would be difficult and expensive for me, and 30% off would/will not console me for peeling kitchen cabinets so I definitely wish I had chosen , and recommend others to choose, a different Ikea line of kitchen cabinets.

          1. re: Fuffy

            "The first would be difficult and expensive for me, and 30% off would/will not console me for peeling kitchen cabinets..."

            I understand it won't console you, but if you can get 30% of the cost back just for taking a few pictures and sending a copy of your receipt, why not? 30% is better than nothing.

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Of course! But still I see the peeling every day.

              1. re: Fuffy

                Yes, I feel your pain. I have one little scratch mark I put in my brand new stainless steel refrigerator door and it's all I can see.

                From your post I thought you were not going to go forward with the 30% refund. Spend it on something fabulous that will make the peeling paint just a little bit easier to take. :)

    2. As a general rule any painted finish is less durable than a lacquer finish - IKEA-made or otherwise.

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        1. re: Fuffy

          I understand the inconvenience, but at least you have the opportunity to remedy vs. being SOL. Just in case you decide to act--you are aware of the simplicity of removing both the drawer fronts and doors, right? The doors just snap off via a tab at the back of the hinges. The drawer fronts can be removed by inserting a screwdriver into the hole at the front/side of the box and rotating toward the front, IIRC.
          It would be about a ten minute job to remove everything, even for a huge kitchen.

          1. re: splatgirl

            If your aim is to replace them with another style of door/drawer fronts, though, make sure that Ikea has the sizes in whatever new line you are interested in to match what you have installed, before you go to the trouble of removing them and hauling them back. I have drawer front sizes installed that don't exist any more, and so can't be replaced.