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Oct 20, 2012 03:46 PM

Heywood Grilled Cheese in Silverlake

I tried out Heywood Grilled Cheese for lunch last week with some co-workers.

You can create your own, or try one of their suggested sandwiches. I got the Italian Bleu Jeans--Freshly sliced mozzarella topped with a creamy blue cheese, topped with fresh walnut pesto and sundried tomatoes.

I liked it, at $11 it's quite a big sandwich, and came with a very good cup of tomato bisque, and a small green salad.

The bad: this place is slow, and worse than being slow, they seemed really underprepared. We were there at 12:30. They didn't have smaller bills to make change, they ran out of silverware, and the 10 minute wait we were promised was closer to 20-25. When the orders did come up, the staff didn't seem to know which customer got which sandwich (despite taking our names when ordering).

My verdict? I'll go back, but at an off time, and I'll probably stick to the half sandwich meal.

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  1. Sounds like a good find to me. The "Game Changer" would probably be my first try:

    "$11- A unique English double-gloucester grilled into a sourdough bread. A light spread of organic, homemade habanero jam give this purple and gold sandwich a gently kick."

    Thanks for posting.

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      The Heywood is one that sounds good to me "A 2 year aged English cheddar with a carmelized onion confit spread onto a sourdough bread"

      1. re: wienermobile

        They had me at "homemade habanero jam"

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          BTW, from CHLA or KPLA (kaiser) you can grab the #2 bus going towards downtown(east), get off at Michaeltorena.

          Next visit to Kaiser,I'm doing just that...I take the RedLine to KPLA.