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Oct 20, 2012 03:31 PM

Cider Syrup

Has anyone ever tried or made cider syrup? Basically it's just apple cider boiled down for a few hours and it becomes a thick syrup perfect for pancakes - I think it would also be a great match for cheese as well, it has an almost balsamic quality because of the acid in the apples. I'm making some right now (just boiling down a gallon of cider) but I first discovered it in Western Mass., made by a school called the Northfield Mount Hermon school.

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  1. King Arthur Flour makes a product called Boiled Cider that is essentially cider syrup. I have not tried it but it appears to be rather popular with lots of ideas from fans as to its use. Sounds pretty great in general, but with local cider prices absolutely through the roof we are doling out shot glasses of the stuff like it is some sort of rare liqueur! So no syrup for me. Alas!

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      Cider prices are ridiculous. We're selling ours for $11.95 a gallon right now. I can't believe it's selling!

      I would give this a try, but that's a little out of my price range for syrup right now. :p

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        Depending on the nature of the particular recipe, a readily available, inexpensive substitute would be unsweetened apple juice concentrate. Any supermarket will have it with the frozen juices. I am not sure if it is still available in shelf-stable can form in the bottled juice section, but it has been in the past.

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          Interestingly, we were rationing our cider so carefully that we waited so long that it has begun turning itself into a fabulous slightly sparkling hard cider. Oh well... ;)

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            That happens to me, too - I don't mind it being a bit fizzy but if it gets closer to vinegar than hard cider, I still use it in cooking, for things like braising pork or chicken. It works fine for that sort of thing. I tend to divvy cider up into pints and freeze it, but sometimes even a thawed pint will hang around in the fridge too lone.

      2. That's my alma mater!
        I made boiled cidertoday as a base for a cider custard pie. yum.

        1. Sounds like something I'd like to try making!

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            just boil! the quality of the cider does matter, though.

          2. Boiled cider pie is a traditional 2 crust Shaker dessert. Don't have the recipe for that, but for a one-crust pie is 4 eggs, 1/3 c sugar, 1/4 t salt, a cup of boiled cider, 1-1/2 c half-and-half, 1 t vanilla, and a 9" pie crust. 10 min at 400, reduce to 350 and bake another half hour. To gild the lily, I think this could be used instead of the standard pecan pie custard, and topped with walnuts rather than pecans.

            1. My SO made a delicata squash dish from one of the Herbfarm cookbooks that used boiled down cider or apple juice. It may have had some balsamic or sherry vinegar in it, I'm not sure. But the cider glaze with the squash pieces and rosemary was really great together.