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Oct 20, 2012 03:22 PM

Narrowing down in Florence

My husband and I are taking a 5th anniversary trip to Florence (and Tuscany) over Thanksgiving (11/17-25). I've read lots of the Florence threads, so would love your advice on narrowing down for dinners. We have Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and a Saturday night. I am a pescetarian (so, no meat, but fish) and my husband has no dietary restrictions. I think we'd probably go for two "fancier" dinners and two more casual dinners. And, I think a mix of "old school" and more modern Florentine.

So, we're thinking:

Sunday night:
Tre Soldi OR Cibreo Trattoria (or should that be a lunch?)

Monday night:
Sostanza (will there be anything for a non-meat eater?) OR Al Tranvai

Tuesday night:
Santo Bevitore

Saturday night:
Ora d'Aria OR Osteria Personale

Thoughts? Anything we should definitely skip, or anything we MUST substitute? I have a separate lunch list which I most post later, though for lunch tend to like to stumble upon a great place.

Thanks in advance for any advice.....

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  1. Very good choices, you've done your homework well!

    For Sunday lunch I'd choose Tre Soldi. I just think the food is better, and it's a great place to have Sunday lunch. Make sure hubbie orders the tagliata garnished with herbs and lard. And for you, they usually have at least a couple of types of home made ravioli. This time of year, pumpkin should be showing up.

    Although I love Sostanza dearly, I think you may find the vegetarian options limited. So better to head to Tranvai, where they will have plenty of delicious options.

    Saturday: Both Ora d'Aria and Osteria Personale are fabulous, but very different experiences. Ora d'Aria is very formal, looking-for-a-michelin-star kind of place. Osteria Personale more casual, although the food is anything but. I'm sure you'll be happy in both, but it's more of a choice of what type of place you are looking for. If you do end up at Ora d'Aria, then make sure you ask to be seated upstairs, not downstairs.

    Have a great time, and make sure you check back in post trip.

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