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Oct 20, 2012 03:19 PM

Opinion on quick bread storage

I'm planning on making some banana bread and pumpkin breads to take to an event tomorrow. I won't be able to start baking until very late tonight and definitely have no time to make them fresh in the morning.

I normally wait for the whole quick bread to cool and then either wrap in plastic and keep at room temperature or store the sliced loaf in the fridge (individually wrapped with plastic). Since I'm making them late, do you guys think is okay to keep the loaf uncovered for say 6-7 hours at room temperature and then just cover with plastic and take to the event or should I just stick the whole loaf in the fridge.


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  1. The loaf will need to cool throughout the entirety of its mass to avoid developing "wet" zones due to moisture retention. I'd cover it with a breathable paper (brown paper bags work) and leave it at room temperature until it's cooled completely. Wrapping it after that period of time, I'd use a plastic wrap and refrigerate.

    1. don't cool it in the fridge. it will be fine at room temp cooling on a rack til morning.

      i don't like putting these types of things in the fridge at all. especially since you are serving it tomorrow.

      just wrap it well in the morning -- ziploc bag with all the air sucked out will be fine.

      1. I make several banana breads to bring to my food bank and usually in the evening. I put them on a rack uncovered until morning. They will survive, everyone likes my banana bread, never a complaint. Just wrap them well in the morning.

        1. Standing Ovation for everyone above!!!

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            Fully agree!! Guess I'll leave my breads out, but I'll make sure the AC is at a cool temperature (it's still fairly warm in Florida)