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Oct 20, 2012 02:26 PM

Good Amontillado in Calgary

Anyone know where one can acquire good Amontillado sherry in Calgary? Alvear or Montilla preferred. Sorry, no Harvey's or Australian fortified wine allowed - must be the real stuff


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  1. Try the search here
    It will list stores that have ordered it but you will have to contact the individual stores to ascertain if they have it in stock.
    Highlander Wine & Spirits has one bottle in stock according to their online inventory but maybe there are ones in locations nearer to you (wherever that is).

    1. There is a new brand, Rey Fernando, that is available at the better small stores (J. Webb, Wine Ink, Metrovino) etc. I think it is significantly better than Alvear or Harvey's. Harvey's isn't even sold in Spain, as the Spaniards won't drink it! They also have a manzanilla, fino, oloroso and pedro ximenez, all of which I have tried and love! We have been drinking sherry for years, and have found this to be much better than what has typically available. Salud!

      1. The Cellar has a huge fortified wine section. There's no reason, ever, to drink Harvey's in Calgary when we have the best wine stores in Canada.