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Oct 20, 2012 02:26 PM

Good Amontillado in Calgary

Anyone know where one can acquire good Amontillado sherry in Calgary? Alvear or Montilla preferred. Sorry, no Harvey's or Australian fortified wine allowed - must be the real stuff


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  1. Try the search here http://www.liquorconnect.com
    It will list stores that have ordered it but you will have to contact the individual stores to ascertain if they have it in stock.

    Highlander Wine & Spirits has one bottle in stock according to their online inventory but maybe there are ones in locations nearer to you (wherever that is).

    1. There is a new brand, Rey Fernando, that is available at the better small stores (J. Webb, Wine Ink, Metrovino) etc. I think it is significantly better than Alvear or Harvey's. Harvey's isn't even sold in Spain, as the Spaniards won't drink it! They also have a manzanilla, fino, oloroso and pedro ximenez, all of which I have tried and love! We have been drinking sherry for years, and have found this to be much better than what has typically available. Salud!

      1. The Cellar has a huge fortified wine section. There's no reason, ever, to drink Harvey's in Calgary when we have the best wine stores in Canada.