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Oct 20, 2012 02:09 PM

le Cigare Volant- fomerly Bonny Doon Cafe. [Santa Cruz]

My partner and I had a great lunch on Friday after walking past the Santa Cruz tasting room/restaurant. The menu looked challenging and we initially walked past considering just heading down to "Burger.". But we were looking for something different and gave the place a shot. The lunch menu is kind of tapas like with many small $5-7 plates, a few flat breads and the best BLT I have ever eaten! The petrole sole Escabeche was poached in olive oil covered with some delicately pickled veg was delicious. As was the lightly dressed greens with grapes. The Brandade fritters were a delicate salt cod and potatoe mash with lovely Salmon roe and a caper tartar that was a bit salty. My only disappointment was the house milled grits which needed some seasoning. The ganache macaroons were Fabulous. The wines as always are a treat.

Last year, We attended the Chinese New Years Banquet at the Former Boony Doon Cafe and had a terrible meal and I was so angry that I quit the wine club. It was an over reaction but it gave me a since of payback which of course is a infantile response. I would hope that anyone not happy with the former incarnation of this restaurant would give the new version a chance. Better in every way!


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  1. Is this the Cellar Door Cafe? We had a great dinner there a couple of summer ago. I was wondering why the change in name, and has the place changed hands? The new name, le Cigare Volant, seems to imply that it's still Bonny Doon, but had things declined so much that they felt the need to change its name?

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      It is the same place and still owned by the winery. They had a change of chefs and decided a change of name reflected new focus.

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        The Chron reports the restaurant's closing at the end of the year. Tasting room will remain.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Yeah, it's a bummer but as you well know, restauranting is a rough biz. I am making at least one trip before it closes.

    2. The original comment has been removed