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Oct 20, 2012 01:43 PM

Trending in Santa Barbara - Building the Better Burger

Disclaimer: I have not been to any of these new restaurants in downtown Santa Barbara but they all share similar early reviews: each is now the site of the most "amazing burger" and/or "awesome" burger in Santa Barbara, which seems odd because two claim they are French, one of which did an extremely Orange Co chic pricey do-over to gain a reputation only as a burger joint, one is Italian and one at least says what it is.

In order - new additions to downtown SB : Maggies; The French Table; State and Fig; Eureka Burger

This is perhaps a statement about the culinary range of the reviewers as much as the signature offerings of said establishments. I do like a good burger and Hungry Cat made me contrite about the reality of a $14 burger being that good. So I will pick my way through these new places, but would also like to hear others to see if they too had "amazing" experiences as well.

BTW: Julienne is now open for lunch and reports also to have an "amazing" burger, which I have no doubt lives up to that precise reputation.

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  1. GT, ate at the Eureka in SLO, and it was good, though pricey @ $15. Meat was good but undercooked so much, I had to send it back, and I like a rosey med rare. It was raw with a charred outer crust. Bun was OK, not spectacular (for $15 I expect handmade buns like brioche) Fries were very good. Having the meat poorly cooked put me off to going back, for that price.

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      Thanks Toodie, one less burger to try on my own.

      We also had this French chain addition "Relais de France" open on State Street - serves one thing - steak and frites with their "special sauce" that apparently gets shipped to their sites in powder form to be reconstituted later - but is getting some very good reviews. Santa Barbara getting Invaded by French chain restaurants, who would have believed? Take that. Ronald Mac-DO-nald.

    2. The brunch at State & Fig is amazing! I didn't have a burger but saw a few of them go by and almost changed my order (except I was hell bent for pork belly and butternut squash hash. I can't wait to go back for the fig burger. Wonderful remodel and charming owners to boot. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday only, fyi, but the burgers are on lunch and brunch menus.

      Also, Julienne was forced to stop serving lunch which,sadly, we never made it to.