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Oct 20, 2012 01:35 PM

Refrigerate cream cheese frosting?

I am making a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Do I need to refrigerate the cake after I frost it?

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  1. I would. Cream cheese frosting tends to be soft, so the cold helps it set. And leaving it out at room temp for more than a hour or two does nothing to help it at all. Stick it in the fridge.

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        Carrot cake (w/cc frosting) freezes extremely well, if you anticipate leftovers. If you did it in a lasagna or sheet pan, slice, put the pan in the freezer, and remove and wrap pieces individually, then put into a container or baggies and return to freezer. Remove the wrapping from pieces before thawing them in the refrigerator, so it does not stick to the frosting. Normally, you'd want to keep baked goods wrapped when thawing, so that condensation accumulates on the exterior of the wrap rather than making the product wet. But carrot cake is very moist so it's not an issue.

    1. Just made that today...right into the fridge! You're right about the "finding the room thing"! I have some leftover frosting...that's sitting happinly in the fridge too!