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Oct 20, 2012 01:34 PM

Enoteca Adriano in PB-- Any Good?

I've seen little written about this place, other than 1 or 2 reviews from out of town visitors. Has anybody been and would you recommend this place?....I am taking a friend out for his birthday this evening and the choice is between here and Romesco's (yes, well aware we are talking about 2 different cuisines). If it's meh Italian food, I'll head to Romesco's. TripAdvisor has it rated as the #2 restaurant in all of San Diego, but I usually do no rely upon that website as a source for my dining choices. Thanks.

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  1. Not much of an answer, but I have been. In fact I cannot remember the food (too much wine prior) but I remember my husband was not impressed and didn't eat much. (we were a party of six) The friends who took us eat there often, but they are also our friends we rarely agree with about food. We've never been back. Sorry this isn't much help.

    1. It's a bit cold this evening, so make sure if you give it a shot you can get a res indoors. The place tends to be pretty busy.

      I haven't visited myself, but from what I've gotten from reviewers I trust I would say it's closer to meh. Check the first yelp review (I know) but that's a legitimate one.

      1. wow. according to yelp this is the greatest restaurant in the history of the universe. I guess I better make a reservation (MUST have a reservation) and go again.

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          "the greatest restaurant in the history of the universe."


          It's got a drive-thru and everything?

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            'according to yelp this is the greatest restaurant in the history of the universe' that seals it for me, if yelpers say it's great, I'll pass!

          2. Bleh. This place isn't "bad"...but I certainly would never come back. If you want very mediocre Italian, go here. Otherwise, look outside of PB.

            1. Thanks, everyone...I passed on Enoteca Adriano and took my friend to Romesco's--which is always great...will be in Tijuana next weekend and plan on hitting their 'sister' restaurant, Mision 19, which I've been to once before.