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Oct 20, 2012 01:02 PM

Q Port Chester

Any Chowhounders been here? Gets a lot of good buzz. Particularly interested in the ribs and the brisket.
Best 'cue in Westchester?

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  1. Its not bad, but its not great either. Decent pulled pork and sides. Unpredictable ribs and brisket.
    Its a decent place to get a BBQ fix.

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    1. re: AdamD

      I agree Adam-- I won't go out of my way to go there, but if I'm in Port Chester and in the mood it works

      1. re: debmom

        I totally agree, especially about the brisket. One day it's like butter, the next it's like leather. Even the baked beans were inconsistent. I know it probably represents the fact that their food is freshly-made, but there didn't seem to be much quality control in the kitchen.

    2. So where does one go for good 'cue?

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      1. re: lemarais

        Memphis, Texas, Kansas City, North Carolina......:)

        Big W in Wingdale, NY
        The meat is very, very good. Go early, they run out. The burnt ends are delicious.

        1. re: AdamD

          Seconded. The brisket is the best I've ever had. The ribs are pretty damn good, too. The stuff even reheats great.

          1. re: kdgchow

            Q is good for a quick fix. Don't expect much.

            Big W definitely worth the short trek. Yes definitely best brisket I've ever had. Everything else is very good as well.

          2. re: AdamD

            Third, fourth, fifth, whatever on Big W. Worth the drive. Love the beans but the other sides not uniformly great and inconsistent - but the meats - ribs, slow chicken and most especially the brisket - bbq delirium.

          3. re: lemarais

            Definitely Big W. There are some great photos by Chowdom on this thread:

          4. I may get shunned for this but a Dinosaur BBQ is opening in Stamford, supposedly this month but only time will tell

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            1. re: discounteggroll

              Dinosaur is definitely better than Q. Newark just opened a few months ago. Stamford is gonna be what their 7th location???

              1. re: pabboy

                I've been dying to try Dinosaur BBQ!

            2. I enjoyed Q very much, It is not comparable to Big W's thats not even a fair comparison.

              1. Big W may be great, but I don't think I'm going to trek there for a meal...

                Any decent 'cue in central Westchester?

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                1. re: lemarais

                  Let us know when you find one, Chowhounder.

                  1. re: pabboy

                    Well, in my original post, I asked if Q is Westchester's best. Are you saying that it is?

                    1. re: lemarais

                      Wins by default, no real challengers. Does anyone here remember pearson's
                      BBQ?, originally in Stratford and then moved about, put all the locals to shame

                      1. re: 51rich

                        I went to the Pearson's in Jackson Heights Queens located at the back of the legends bar.

                      2. re: lemarais

                        Yes, agree with 51rich - Q is best in Westchester but only by default. If you go, make sure you ask for the moist/fatty brisket. If you don't you'll get the lean and it's tough as shoe leather and tasteless too. Also, especially for ribs to take out - tell them you don't want a rack with overdone ribs. I have only once had this problem when I ate in and was simple enough to ask them to replace - which they graciously did - but on takeout have several times opened the rib bag to find dryish ribs especially the smaller ribs toward the end - inedible.