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Oct 20, 2012 12:54 PM

Best place to carbo load before the NYC Marathon

Looking for restaurant recommendations for a great pasta meals. I'm running the NYC marathon and need to eat 1600 cals of carbs the day before. Thanks!

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  1. what neighborhood? Most of the bigger pasta places are booked already. but plenty of locals left.

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    1. re: dyrewolf

      Any where is fine. Staying near Penn Station but happy to travel to a good place for yummy pasta.

      1. re: tsugumi

        check open table and see what is available in yor area (midtown west) I'd recommend Becco as they have AYCE pasta... but not tables there after 4PM (you should eat early though.. I always have my big meal by 6)...

        1. re: tsugumi

          How about Scarpetta? Not sure of your price range, but they have early tables still available and you can always eat at the bar. Great bread basket, excellent pastas, modern decor, a pretty skylight, good service, not cramped, not super loud.

          1. re: kathryn

            While Scarepetta is great, I would not coose it for my pre race meal. I tend to have my pre race at home, half a box of pasta... simple sauce... it is about volume. The spaghetti dish at scarpetta is about 1/4 the size of an appropriate ruunner serving

      2. I had a good pasta meal here about a week ago. Place is farly new, portions were delicious and generous. Walking distance from Penn Station

        488 9th ave bet 37/38th st