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Oct 20, 2012 12:21 PM

What are some foods you have to make homemade becuse you cannot find it comparable in a store or restaurant

For example, I don't like any canned or carton chicken stock. They're all awful, and I have to make my own.

I don't quite think any pasta sauce tastes as good as my own either, even if from a jar. There are some good pasta sauces at fine Italian restaurants, but they're usually too greasy or lacking in meat for me. I like my own.

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  1. Probably just cookies for me.

    1. Pasta sauce, for sure, and also jams and pickles. Stocks as well, are much better made at home. I am sure there is more, as I don't buy much packaged from the store (almost nothing), but that's what jumps to my mind. I know there are some things people buy canned that would never even occur to me to buy. OK, enchilada sauce, comes to mind based on the current DOTM. I have never bought enchilada sauce, and just can't imagine doing it, but apparently people do. It never would have occurred to me, and I am sure there are many more things that it wouldn't occur to me to buy.

      1. Bread, stock, ravioli, lasagna, pesto, pasta sauce--and I basically do not buy any prepared meals./main courses such as stew, fried chicken, chili, soup and such.

        1. Definitely pasta, although I still order it out sometimes for convenience.

          1. While I there are plenty of awesome pies out there I would never use store bought piecrust. Nothing compares to homemade.

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              See, and that's one I wouldn't even think to mention, because I've never bought a pie crust in my life. Thinking about it, do I even have the right to say I like my crust better, if I've never even tried a store-bought one?

              1. re: Dcfoodblog

                You haven't had my homemade. It sucks.

                1. re: EWSflash

                  Try the Cook's Illustrated version with vodka. I've found that it's pretty foolproof and straightforward.