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Oct 20, 2012 12:00 PM

Need recommendations for 7-10 people tonight

I've read some on this board and am still looking for a place for about 7/8, maybe up to 10 people tonight. We're looking for good food, drinks and a fun atmosphere. We've done saltdog and had drinks at the hopping pig, also ventured to old town last night for Mexican... So possibly looking for Mediterranean, Italian, French or maybe Irish pub...primarily just a fun, lively spot for a bit larger group.

Suggestions highly appreciated...

I think Cafe Chloe might be a bit on the fancy side, Neighborhood looks a little too casual and we have a couple people who would want to eat a bit lighter than that...

Anyway thanks!!!

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  1. Alchemy, Smoking Goat (just had dinner there for the first time since they double the space, They now take reservations)

    1. Cucina Urbana
      Tender Greens
      Bo Beau
      Blue Boheme

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        The liklihood of getting a reservation for 10 tonight at Piatti or Farmhouse is pretty small. A few places I could think of that tend to have a bit more space and might be able to take you are SaltBox and the French Gourmet (the french gourmet isnt that big but they never seem to be slammed)

      2. Well, it would be Mexican again, but Barrio Star is excellent, and it is located in Bankers Hill, which is not a parking hell. Are you up for Korean BBQ? Buga has excellent food for a wide range of palates and appetites.

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          Following this recommendation I'm headed to Buga tonight for a friend's birthday, We have a range of eaters - from cautious to adventurous. Any recommendations of items we should try or avoid?

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            Be sure to inquire about spice levels on the prepared items. The service is excellent and they will accommodate you. Have a great time! Buga provides a perfect atmosphere for a celebration dinner.