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Oct 20, 2012 11:47 AM

Place to eat close to Green Mill

For Sunday early evening, I am looking for a place to eat, close to Green Mill or close to Wyndham Blake. If we take the architectural river cruise in the afternoon, then maybe a place close to there? Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Near Green Mill, I recommend: Thai Pastry for good Thai and BYOB. Demera is a well-regarded Ethiopian restaurant. There are a couple of good Chinese restaurants: Silver Seafood, not my favorite in town but extremely convenient to GM and they do have some dishes you won't find everywhere. Sun Wah BBQ (about 2 blocks north) is arguably one of our best Chinese restaurants; call today to make a reservation for both your table and a Peking Duck. Also a few blocks away is Argyle Street, for very good Vietnamese food. I especially like Hai Yen (get the bo lo lat appetizer) or Pho 777 (BYOB + tasty soup). Tank Noodle gets a lot of love, but I prefer some of the others. I haven't been to Agami Sushi in years but enjoyed it in the past and it has a more modern interior than the others I mentioned. Enjoy!

    Thai Pastry
    4925 N Broadway

    Sun Wah BBQ
    5039 N Broadway

    Hai Yen
    1055 W Argyle St

    Pho 777
    1065 W Argyle St

    Silver Seafood
    4829 N Seafood

    Demera Ethiopian
    4801 N Broadway

    Agami Sushi
    4712 N Broadway

    1. Another excellent neighborhood restaurant only two blocks from the Green Mill is Magnolia Cafe, where the food is contemporary American.

      For places close to the Wyndham Blake, see the other topic you created where you asked about those -

      I believe the Chicago Architecture Foundation river cruises leave from Michigan and Wacker. There are lots of great places near there, the best of which include Sable (for small plates and craft cocktails) and Piccolo Sogno Due (for Italian, with a focus on seafood). Both of these accept reservations. If you're looking for a place at a real off hour (say 4 pm) then you might also consider the Purple Pig, but they don't take reservations and they get slammed at normal dinner hours, with typical waits for table of 60-120 minutes. (I had mentioned all three as among our best in that other topic, but at the time you hadn't mentioned your need for proximity to the river cruises.) If you're interested in Sunday brunch before the river cruise, Shaw's Crab House is right near there also and does an outstanding all-you-can-eat buffet brunch.

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        Thank you for your help. We were trying to figure out when to take the cruise but if it is close to the Sable, then we will take the cruise Monday, before dinner. Trying to organize an itinerary is harder then I anticipated.

        Cafe Magnolia is perfect. Thank you for coming to the rescue. We were about to give up finding a place close to Green Mill.

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          You're all set for Magnolia Cafe, but for others using this thread for their own purposes, I'll toss out there the new (weeks old) branch of Chinatown's Lao Sze Chuan, located about 3 doors north of the Green Mill at 4832 N Broadway. The "Lamb with Cumin" or "Chef's Special Dried Chili Chicken" are both very good. It's a smaller, hipper, boozier version of the Chinatown Szechuan fave. I enjoyed a very nice dinner there last weekend.

          1. re: Bodhrani

            Good call on LSC; I didn't realize that is where they opened.