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Oct 20, 2012 11:24 AM

ATL breakfast, supper, and dessert - without a car

My first trip to ATL is coming up at the end of the month, and I'd appreciate some help from those of you in the know. I'll be staying 2 miles from the airport (it's a work trip), won't have a rental car, and will only have a few free hours nightly to eat, explore, etc.. Therefore, I want to maximize my foodie pilgrimage/sightseeing time. Any recommendations about must have food that is also near must see spots?

I've long wanted to visit the Flying Biscuit Cafe, but don't know which location would be closest to my hotel (2 miles from airport). Also, having read prior posts, I'm wondering if the Silver Skillet would be a better breakfast bet, or perhaps some other location? I'm eager to have a true southern experience, and would love the name of a good and accessible place, please. Someone told me about a place called Mary Mac's, but details were sketchy, as was the foodie cred of this source.

Finally, any recommendations for mouthwatering desserts would be great, as my sweet-tooth is insatiable.

Any/all suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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  1. Silver skillet for surebeen there forever,lots of Tech folks there early id try empire state south for dinner. Mary macs not as good. Nor is biscuit--you can walk to skillet from Marta-- i think theres a fixed rate for cabs between AP and atlanta

    1. Where exactly is you hotel? Are you willing to take cab rides, or are you planning to rely solely on public transportation?

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        The hotel is right next the convention center, as I understand. Was hoping to rely on MARTA.

      2. I'll second Silver Skillet for breakfast - Flying Biscuit is nothing special in my opinion. Since you're willing to do Marta, I'd suggest going to downtown Decatur (the Decatur stop is right in the heart of downtown) - there are many options for dinner, and the bakery at Cakes & Ale would be a good option for dessert.