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Oct 20, 2012 11:16 AM

drowning in arugula

Hello, We had a terrible growing season here in the midwest so I didn't put in a fall garden. Volunteer arugula filled the void and is thick as a lawn. The weather is going to get pretty bad soon so I would like to harvest as much as possible. I have a lot of kakai pumpkins also so I was thinking of making a pesto with the seeds from the pumpkins and the argula. Does anyone have any other ideas for freezing, canning, or drying. Thanks, Willie

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  1. Well, I'd suggest blanching it and freezing it. You can probably substitute it for spinach in many cases. I've made arugula pesto. Not bad.

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      Yeah I could do the most amount of processing in the shortest amount of time by doing that and i would have more flexibility with it later. Thanks

    2. I think arugula sauteed in olive oil with garlic is a great dish when the arugula is hearty. Would that freeze certainly will reduce the volume.

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        I'm not sure how that would freeze. I have vacuum bags and a really cold freezer so that should help. I will give it a try. I need to do some searching and see how the flavor holds up to freezing. Thanks for the quick reply, this place is great.

      2. I just sauteed arugula with spinach and add pine nuts. When finished, I topped with goat melted into the mix..ambrosia...

        1. I love arugula as a base over which to place sliced flank steak with grana and a nice balsamic dressing. It goes great with blue cheese, too. Lightly sauteed, it's a great side dish or bed for fish dishes, too.

          1. to freeze it plain, just blanch in boiling water for 1 - 2 minutes, shock in ice water, drain thoroughly, and store in freezer bags.

            it also freezes well as a prepared side dish - sauté with garlic & onion until wilted, season to taste, let cool, and transfer to freezer-safe containers.

            pesto freezes beautifully - try making a few variations with walnuts, pine nuts, pistachio...

            and for ways to use some of it now:

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              That's great to hear it freezes well and thanks for the links.