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Oct 20, 2012 10:29 AM

Infusing bourbon with honey?

I'd like to infuse some bourbon with honey, as a Christmas gift. What quantity and type (raw, clover, etc.) of honey should I use to infuse a 750 ml bottle? Also, could I add some cinnamon or other spice to add a slight touch of "zing"? What spice and how much, if I want it to be mild?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Crema Mezcal is 10% agave nectar to 90% mezcal spirit. So that ratio might be a good starting point since honey and agave are similar in sweetness.

    I'd recommend an overproof whiskey. Weller's Antique is a good wheated one at under $20. If you oversweeten it, you can always blend it with a second bottle.

    For technique, I'd blend 2.5 oz honey (by volume) with 5 oz of whiskey in a coffee cup in a microwave. Stir with a spoon in between short heating cycles. This integration step will allow for better blending later. Add to the sweetened whiskey to the whiskey. The 90-10 split will work here since 2.5 oz = 75 mL, bottle of whiskey is 750 mL (okay, this is 91-9, but bourbon isn't as rough as mezcal).

    For spice, I would make a strong simple syrup or spirit based infusion and add it to the finish product in small amounts, mix, and taste -- repeat additions as necessary. Shoot for a cinnamon or other syrup that is potent enough that 0.5 oz or so will be plenty if you're going the sugared syrup route.

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      Thank you, yarm! I appreciate your help with the amounts and the simple explanation of the techniques. I wil definitely do this. Weller's Antique is available at a local store, so the project is good to go. :-) I'll update shortly.