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Oct 20, 2012 10:21 AM

Verdun, Lorrain National park and Ronchamp

I will be traveling from Völklingen, spending a couple of nights at a B&B in the Park and then down thru Domrémy-la-Pucelle to Ronchamp.
I am looking for suggestions for moderately priced restaurants along the general route that serve the regional cuisine. Especially small town and rural places.
I know that this covers a fairly large area, but any suggestions for any of the areas mentioned would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Of your list, we have only visited Ronchamp. There is precious little there in the way of a gastro experience. I couldn't find anything recommended (or even reviewed) nearby, so we brought our own picnic for lunch & were elsewhere by dinner time. You might try TripAdvisor. They have a few recommendations. Sorry can't be of more help.

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      Yes, I found the same. TripAdvisor has some Info.
      Really looking for low key(not starred) Bistro and the like.
      Thank you anyway.

    2. While l loved the historical stuff, especially the ossuary, good eats was more difficult.
      Remembered a starred place 40 KM north or so of Verdun that was a beer resto and hotel. Auberge de Marville, it was worth the trip.

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        Whilst it's not exactly in Verdun, given the lack of other recommendations you might consider the Hotel de Lorraine in Longuyon which is probably about half an hour away in the general direction of Luxembourg. We had an exceptional dinner there about five years ago - can't remember exactly what we were served but recall a meal which was inventive, soigné and value for money (certainly by Paris standards).

        It's certainly on my list of places to return to - I just hope the same chef/propriétaire is in charge.

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          We are heading north up to Orval. I will check out you suggestion.

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            Orval is in Belgium (although very close to the frontier) - you might then look at the Hostellerie Sainte Cécile in nearby Florenville where I can give a good score for the food which is traditional franco-belge in style so you will not leave hungry. At this time of the year gibier will be heavy on the menu but the prices are reasonable (dinner probably €30 - €40 including the gibier supplement, lunch a bit less unless you take the carte). It attracts people to the area, particularly from Brussels at week-ends, so you might consider calling ahead to book.
            There is no shortage of similar places with gibier menus - Le Cor de Chasse in Weris has recently had several positive mentions in the Belgian press and is probably more modern and inventive than Sainte Cécile but also more expensive.
            Most of the restaurants around here will have rooms where you can stay.