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Oct 20, 2012 10:19 AM

New Restaurants Near or In Danbury CT???

I heard about the Black Angus Grill...any opinions? What else is new???

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  1. Haven't tried Black Angus Grill, mostly because I'm just mad it's no longer a Houlihan's. And because the menu doesn't thrill me. But I did try a new Thai place in Newtown called Thai Delight. Pretty good. So far, the apps I've tried have been spotty... the fresh spring rolls had awful, gelatinous wrappers, the fish cakes had great flavor but terrible, rubbery texture that made them difficult to enjoy and the tom yum soup was meh. The green curry was delish, and I enjoyed the basil fried rice, despite the fact its description said it came with ground chicken, but it actually had biggish chunks of chicken. Their chili-lime shrimp and chicken dishes are tasty, and their larb is excellent. I liked it better than nearby Bangkok Thai's larb, anyway. I'm glad we have another Thai option close by.

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      I highly recommend Thai Berry in Monroe if you're looking for really good Thai food in the area. Yes, it isn't all that close to Danbury, but it is worth the trip down Rt. 25. The drunken noodles are phenomenal, and the pad thai, which my friend ordered and of which I had a taste, also was good. They have a great lunch special, too.

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        We get down to Monroe occasionally. Some friends recently bought a house there. Thanks for the tip! I'll put Thai Berry on my list. :-) We may give Thai Delight another go tonight...