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Oct 20, 2012 09:11 AM

Port wine and Balsamic Vinegar reduction for Foie Gras

hi guys,

I've been reading Port Wine and Balsamic vinegar reductions for foie gras. However, there is alot of inconsistencies on the proportion of port wine and balsamic vinegar.
Some recipes suggest:
1) 50-50 port wine and balsamic vinegar;
2) more port wine than balsamic vinegar; and
3) more balsamic vinegar than portwine

I'm confused! so which proportion do I use?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Seems to that the port would be completely overwhelmed by the the Balsamic when combined.
    I would make a Port reduction (with veal stock?)separately and use a well aged Balsamic as separate drizzle to garnish.

    1. I make a balsamic reduction with 1 cup balsamic plus 1/4 cup port. Simmer gently till you achieve the consistency you want... mine is very very thick.

      The issue here is acidity vs sweet. More port = more sweet and more balsamic = more acidic. But having said that, a high quality balsamic, when reduced even by itself, has some sweetness.

      My favorite way to use mine is to drizzle it over baked or grilled salmon. Foie Gras might benefit from a sweeter drizzle, perhaps. So maybe 1:1 might be the way to go?

      Do a few side-by-side small scale runs and do a tasting! Fun!

      Good Luck,

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      1. re: PamelaD

        Actually all balsamic vinegars have quite a lot of sweetness with low quality being sweeter and less complex in flavor.

      2. Problem is with the price of foie gras, hard to experiment.

        Except that you can serve the sauce on the side. Why not make all three and see which you prefer? You can do that out of the bottles you open to make one.