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Oct 20, 2012 08:51 AM

Indian in lower Westchester

On the "worst restaurants in Westchester" thread there was a side discussion on good Indian in southern Westchester, so I thought it would be better to continue that here.

Last night we tried Taj Palace in White Plains, they opened up a few months ago just behind the Westchester Mall. I have to say, this was our best Indian so far (I'm comparing to Rani Mahal (poor) in Mamaroneck and Tandoori (ok) in PC). Coromandel and Rangoli in NR are next on my list.

The Dal Makhani, which often has too much cream, was actually light and tasty.
Chicken Elachi was great -- nice fragrant sauce with curry leaves, haven't seen this on menus before.
Lamb Kohlapuri was spicy, almost like a Vindaloo. Too much for the kids but wife and I enjoyed it.
Masala Dosa had a nice taste but not the ideal dish for take-out as its best to be served with the dosa freshly made. In the bag the dosa got soft from the steam. I;m guessing in the restaurant this would be a great dish and will try it there next time.
The one disappointment actually was the naan -- too thick and doughy. Won't stop me from going back -- hoping it will be better next time.

So, this is a great new addition to the area, any other hounds try it yet?

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  1. That sounds very promising. An Indian friend of ours recommends Coromandel in New Rochelle. I ate there once a few years ago and wasn't that impressed, but his recommendation was very recent, and he says he really thinks it's like home. I guess I'll have to give it another whirl.

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      Our favorite Coromandel is Southport although we hear great things about the one in Darien. SoNo was a bit off for us. Been to most but not all of them. We prefer Coromandel when we want a sit down or buffet and Calcutta Wrap and Roll when looking for quick or take out and slightly cheaper.

    2. I am by no means an expert and have only dined out for Indian once while in Westchester, but I had a wonderful Lamb Phall at Spice Village in Tuckahoe. While I realize, most people would not get phall, it was as hot as advertised, but the lamb flavor burst through the heat. After being told, I was the only, non-Indian person they've ever seen it this (we're going back a few years), I had to cool my mouth down by finishing my friends chicken vindaloo, which was equally delicious. The naan was great. The beers, delicious and the service was amazing. I haven't been back, because I can't find any fellow diners.

      1. I've gotten dinner from there a few times, and for the most part, it's been good. They do a good job with spinach - their spinach samosas are excellent and they make a saag with broccoli rabe which I thought was unusual, but very tasty. However, I thought the channa saag was only OK, I prefer the version at Ambadi.

        Their malai kofta is also very good, though I wish they'd give more than three dumplings and I enjoyed their chicken dhansak. I actually thought their dal makhani was only OK, again, I prefer Ambadi's version.

        While I don't think Taj Palace is quite as good as the late, lamented Bengal Tiger - which had more unusual dishes and specials - it's more than an acceptable replacement for sit-down Indian in White Plains.

        1. This is one Indian restaurant I was not aware of so thanks for the heads up. I will try definitely try it.
          My favorite to date is Bombay Grill across the Tappen Zee in New City. Wonderful buffet, especially for vegetarian food. For a longer trip, Jaipore up in Brewster.

          1. For something casual and different, there is a place in Hartsdale called Craft Masala that serves vegetarian Indian street food. Fantastic Chana and Falafel. My two favorite places in White Plains are now both gone. (Duwat and Bangal Tiger) Several people have suggested Malabar Hill (I think that's what it's called) on 119 in Elmsford but, I went years ago and didn't like it. I think I will travel to NR.

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              Hartsdale place is called Masala Kraft. While the seating is somewhat limited, the food is very good. Strongly recommended.

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                  Across from the train station and about a half block west

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                  +1. The sandwiches are nice riffs on Indian street food, and I appreciate that they don't tamp down on the spicing.

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                    Anyone tried Calcutta Wrap and Roll in Ardsley? I'm under the impression that's basically a storefront with a couple of tables--better for take-out than sit-down.

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                      Yes - it's very good and it is definitely a place better geared toward take-out.