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Oct 20, 2012 08:42 AM


I haven't even finished my brekkie yet but had to share with you a new find -

This Little Pig bacon

OMG best bacon ever. All natural, and hand made. Taste like what bacon is supposed to taste like. No fake smokey taste. And perfect texture. Thick, but not too thick. Just fantastic!

We found it at Summerhill Market.

Honestly after trying this I won't be able to eat any other bacon. I've tried some butcher bacons in the past and found them to dry and chewy. This Little Pig takes bacon to a whole new level.

Interesting that I read on their website that Ezra from The Brickworks uses their product. I knew I was on to something!

Let me know what you think folks.....

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  1. I agree with you, millygirl -- we discovered it about a month back at Fiesta Farms. I've since also seen it at Hooked in Kensington. Saturday morning breakfast of bacon and toast!

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    1. re: EarlyDrive


      And another thing I noticed with this bacon which to me is a huge plus - is that the smell of bacon doesn't permeate the entire house like others do. Don't get me wrong folks, I loooove the smell of bacon but not 6 hours after the fact. There are no lingering odours.

      1. re: millygirl

        Ok. I'll try to get to Fiesta Farms this weekend and give it a try.

        1. re: EarlyDrive

          I can confirm that indeed it is available at Hooked in the Kensington market as I bought some earlier this afternoon.

          I was surprised to find bacon in a fish shop but the owner explained that the supplier was a friend of hers. (She also said that bacon is used in certain fish dishes). Apparently it comes from one Mennonite farm where they raise different breeds of pig - white, Berkshire and one other one was mentioned - and the smokehouse is just down the road from the farm so it is all very local.

          At Hooked it costs $9.00 a pound which is one penny more than Sanigan is charging for their bacon.

          1. re: ER2

            Well I got my This Little Pig bacon at Fiesta Farms this afternoon and just finished it. It is definitely different, seems to have less fat and is cut quite thick. All in all it was great. Little time has passed so the notion that the bacon smell will dissipate quickly can't be reported on as yet.

            1. re: Herne

              Its now about 12-15 hours since I fried the bacon and as far as I can tell there is no bacon smell in the house and hasn't been since about hour 4--there is an exhaust fan but that is insufficient to explain it.. I'm not sure how the magic bacon does it but it seems to have done it.

        2. I tried it this weekend too. Bought it at Fiesta. I agree that it's excellent.

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          1. re: acd123

            Glad you guys like it as much as I do.

            I would think the reduction in smell must be due to the fact it's all natural. No fake stuff /smell to give off.

            The price is very similar at Summerhill Market. Less than $10 and well worth it in my mind. Esp these days!

            1. re: millygirl

              I don't know about the disappearing smell either. Certainly it does go away very quickly. If I remember correctly (a big if) bacon used to smell even stronger 40 - 50 years ago. But I have nothing to add to the topic.

              1. re: millygirl

                I LOVE good bacon and normally get mine at Cumbrae's but when I read your post that the price is very similar at Summerhill Market I dropped by today since I don't live to far away and the price is never similar for anything at Summerhill Market, but rather 20-50%+ more (so consequently I restrict my purchases there to things I cannot buy somewhere else, or when I need goat cheese at 7:59pm on Saturday evening, lol).

                To my dismay, Summerhill charges $10.99 for 454 grams (1 lb) for This Little Pig bacon, $1.99 more than Hooked does, as reported above, or 22% more. Just warning anyone else who goes over thinking it's the same price. I'll get mine at Hooked as I wanted to see the new Kensington Store anyway.

                1. re: Flexitarian

                  I was in the north Summerhill Market today and also priced it at $10.99. I have waaayyyy too many mouths to feed to be buying bacon at that price. Someday, when everyone is away, I'll treat myself to a pound...Until then, it's Costco for me.

                  1. re: Yongeman

                    Sorry for the error on price folks. It wasnt intentional.

                    Back to the bacon - it's fabulous and if you can afford it, it's worth the extra $ if even just as a once in awhile treat.

            2. How does it compare to Cumbrae's bacon (which is the best I've ever tasted)?

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              1. re: Flexitarian

                It's been awhile since I've had Cumbrae's but as a I mentioned above, I've found that all butcher bacon I've tried to end up dry, hard and tasteless.

                This Little Pig is none of that.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Just had some for breakfast. It was great. House does not smell of bacon smoke. Out of respect for the unfortunate apple shape I have developed I won't be buying more anytime soon.
                  As I recall there was a sign indicating an $8.99 price at Fiesta Farms.

                  1. re: Herne

                    Yes I can relate Herne. Your post made me giggle.

              2. Well I was finally near Fiesta Farms today and had to get a bunch of things so I also got a pound of the 'This LIttle Pig' Bacon that I heard about from this thread. I was holding out for Fiesta to get this bacon as they charge the least for it in Toronto ($8.99 for 454g/1lb)

                I cooked the bacon in my usual manner in a frying pan until it was just slightly crisp. It tasted pretty good and better than a lot of bacon I have had but it did have a bit of regular 'supermarket bacon' taste to me which surprised me given the reviews on here. So, after I ate it I took a look at the package and noticed that the best before date was December 21st. How could this be I wondered as my absolute favourite 'natural' bacon from Cumbrae's, which stands head and shoulders above any other bacon I have tasted, has a best before date of only 4-5 days. The store clerks at Cumbrae's tell me this as there is no package and they also tell me that it is so short as there are no added chemicals whatsoever. Chemicals are added to bacon to aid in preserving many attributes of the bacon, including colour, but they also can change its taste.

                So, I immediately took a look at the back of the This LIttle Pig package to read that the bacon is treated with the chemicals Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate and Sodium Nitrate. No wonder it could last another 5 weeks and no wonder it didn't taste near as good as Cumbrae's and had a bit of a 'commercial' taste to me. It is hardly 'natural and handmade' as the OP stated. 'Naturally raised', as it says on the package? I'll take their word for that, but also realize there is no official meaning for that phrase so it could mean anything. Handmade? It does not say this anywhere on the package, but maybe the OP was referring to how they smoke it. I don't know.

                I realize that not everyone cares about the chemicals added and that the main criterion for many is simply what it tastes like. So, for those of you in that boat please ignore my comments about that aspect of the bacon. As for the taste, your mileage may vary, but in my estimation although This Little Pig is a very good bacon when compared to supermarket bacon, it doesn't come close to Cumbrae's bacon which remains my all-time favourite. And, it costs about the same price as This Little Pig, to boot.

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                1. re: Flexitarian

                  Original OP here ....

                  For those that care, I'm sorry I did not mean to lead anyone astray. I got the terms 'natural and handmade' directly from the packaging so after reading this immediately went to their website.

                  Natural = naturally raised pigs, grain feed, no growth hormones.

                  FWIW, I've tried Cumbrae's and while I love many of their products, I much prefer the texture of This LIttle Pig's cooked bacon, then again

                  Cheers and happy eating folks

                  1. re: millygirl

                    Thanks millygirl :) On the front it says "Naturally Raised & Made in Ontario". It doesn't say 'natural' on the actual package anywhere, but now I know what you meant. But, on the back in smaller print there is a paragraph and there it says "Truly handmade". I am not sure what that means though.

                    I stand corrected.

                  2. re: Flexitarian

                    Isn't bacon by definition, cured, using some form of sodium nitrate/nitrite (generally, at least in North America)? If Cumbrae's bacon doesn't contain any chemicals, isn't it just sliced pork belly?

                    I buy pigs from a local farmer, then cure the belly using a mixture of salt, sugar and sodium nitrite. I then smoke them, slice them and package it up. I don't consider the addition of sodium nitrite to make it any less natural or handmade, in fact it's critical to the process and end product.

                    It could be that they're using natural sources of nitrates/nitrites, like celery or beet, and calling it 'natural'. Well, I guess it is 'natural', but the nitrates are still there, it just didn't come out of a bottle.




                    1. re: brianl999

                      Just did a bit of research and yes bacon is by definition cured and smoked. Cumbrae's bacon looks like bacon, they call it bacon and it sure tastes like incredible bacon. But, I'm going to grill them (no pun intended) a bit more when I am there today to find out exactly how their bacon is made and what makes its best before date only 4-5 days vs a month or more for other bacon. While I am there I'll buy some and try a blind taste test of the two 'bacons'.

                      This is probably beyond the topic of this post but I also wonder about the other 2 chemicals (Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate) that are in This Little Pig bacon, in addition to the Sodium Nitrate. Are they also in all cured bacon and are they necessary?

                      1. re: Flexitarian

                        It's probably what the sodium nitrate is mixed with when bought. Even commercially its really hard to buy pure sodium nitrate for health and safety reasons. Aka blowing stuff up. Some cures are mixed with sodium bicarbonate or various other nitrates for this purpose. When I buy ready cure for my home made bacon it's mixed with S. Bicarbonate.

                  3. Finally got them for American Thanksgiving weekend brunch.
                    We got the apple cinnamon flavour ones, served alongside toasty cornbread. The aroma of the smokey cinnamon apple was a Huge crowd pleaser!

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                    1. re: happycamper

                      happycamper, apple cinnamon flavored what????

                      I'm confused. This post is about bacon.

                      1. re: millygirl

                        Yes yes! We found a cinnamon apple flavour version of Little Pig at Fiesta Farm. There was also a black pepper version.

                        1. re: happycamper

                          Oh wow, okay. I didnt realize....thanks.