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Oct 20, 2012 08:19 AM

Bluffton Family Seafood House

We are going to be in Savannah Thanksgiving week and I want to take a day trip to get some of the May River oysters.

Any recent reviews or other suggestions?

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  1. We made a trip in that direction and I thought they were the best oysters we had on the trip. They are seasonal so had been frozen but should be in season then I think.

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      Did you happen to try the other seafood offerings on the restaurant menu? I'll be passing by that general area tomorrow...

    2. I haven't tried the restaurant but have bought oysters and other seafood from Bluffton Oyster Co. and have always been very happy.

      I don't know if it's shrimp season but their shrimp are also very good.

      If you go to the restaurant you should check out the Calhoun St area and the market. There are some nice galleries and shops and the market is in a beautiful spot on the May River.

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      1. We went over there for lunch today and the raw oysters and oyster po boy were both very good. Not really worth the two hour round trip from Savannah, unless you just want to go for a drive.
        Pic from the oyster factory.

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          Thanks kengk, wekick, 9lives and mikeh - as we'll be in Hilton Head, it doesn't look like Bluffton is too far away. We are so looking forward to some good oysters!

          1. re: RWCFoodie

            Any recent reports on thisi restaurant? We will be in Bluffton in a couple of weeks.

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              Too answer my own question: We liked the Bluffton Family Seafood House very much. Stopped there both en route to Florida, last December, and on the way back to NYC (while staying at Palmetto Bluff, about a 10-minute drive away) last week.

              On the most recent trip, I began with local May River oysters ($6. half dozen), and followed with truly exellent fried soft-shell crab ($20 for 2 large carbs, with two sides) caught off Port Royal. Partner had one of several choices offered in the fresh fish basket (fish local or from Florida); he thought the corvina was excellent. (Total with glass of South African Chenin Blanc and one slice of home-made Key Lime pie, $57.24 before tip.)

              Back in December, I was more than pleased with the fresh local steamed shrimp and the fried oyster po' boy.

              This is a no-frills, but comfortable restaurant with nautical decor and very friendly service. The other diners appeared to be mostly local.


              I'd also recommend a visit to the Bluffton Farmer's Market for those who find themselves in the area on Thursday from 2pm to 7pm. Wish I had purchased more of the excellent preserves and fruit butters from the Great Food Coop stand!


              1. re: erica

                HI Erica, we did go there and the food was really good - except the fried oysters :(

                they were tiny and had no flavor. maybe it was a bad batch idk

                the fish basket with fluffy juicy fried cod was great and the broiled fish was also very good

                staff was helpful and the night we went they had a guitar player which was nice. I would go back again-thanks for the recommendation!