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Oct 20, 2012 07:43 AM

near lisbon airport

We have one last night in Portugal staying at the airport. We have had absolutely wonderful meals in Lisbon (largo, assintura, ibo, cantinho avillez) and in the Alentejo which I will post about when we get home.

We are ok taking the metro, but don't want to go too far. I looked at the last thread about the airport, but there was nothing actually about anything at/near the airport.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I don't know of a perfect solution near the airport, and absent that, were it me, the cost of a delightful meal at Bom Jardim is so cheap, and the trip between the center of Lisbon to the airport is so brief, I would probably do that because the food at Bom Jardim is so enjoyable.

    You should double check this info on a travel forum, but in my recollection taxis to and from the airport are less then 10e and take 20 minutes. There is a bus that takes 30 mins between the airport and Restauradores. One plan would be checking into your hotel with your bags and then taking the airport bus to Restauradores (cost is less than 2e) and then taking a taxi back after dinner. You can easily find a taxi in the Restauradores area, and given the fact that your total dinner bill is likely to be no more than 15-18e per person with wine, a taxi is not much of a splurge.

    But maybe somebody else has the perfect recommendation near the airport.

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      And you might want to read through this old thread for its mention Senhor Peixe in Parque das Nacoes, which is certainly not far from the airport, and check out TripAdvisor complaints about price and service.

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        Thanks for this information. The issue is not the cost of the taxi, but we thought it would make more sense to eat near where we will be staying overnight before our trip home.

        But from what everyone is saying, there might not be any good choice other then to go back into the city proper which is fine. When we were in Lisbon a few weeks ago, we did go near the large Vasco de Gama shopping center (we went to the Leonard Cohen concert). There are restaurants there. Anything worth eating at?

    2. By far the best & closest place to eat near to #Lisbon airport is Na Ordem Fab food & great setting.

      1. Remember that Lisbon airport is actually in town and now connected to the underground system. Which hotel are you staying at? As far as I know, there is no hotel "at the airport". The Mariott has an excellent restaurant in case you are staying there...
        I second "Luis Suspiro na Ordem" It is the restaurant of the Doctor's Council, completely unexpected modern Portuguese food and charming old fashion service and surroundings.
        Taxi is the way to go in Lisbon, and why not a more traditional meal at Tavares or Gambrinus for your last night?

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          What is "the Doctor's Council"? I'm curious.

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            "Ordem dos Medicos". The organism which regulates the medical profession in Portugal. Ordre des Médecins in France; General Medical Council in the U.K.?

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              Thank you very much, monchique. I guess in America it would the American Medical Association. Have no idea what it is in Italy.

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            We are staying at the Holiday Inn which is near the airport. We have already spent 9 days in Lisbon in early October and ate some amazing food (Assintura, Largo, Ibo, etc.). We are fine using the metro and are willing to travel back into the city. We are less interested in "fine dining" then in something simple, but excellent. We ate in Cantinho Avillez and something like that would be perfect.

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              Nothing like that to my knowledge in that area... Sorry.

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                It had already struck me that eating at Bom Jardim was missing from your list in your first post, which is one of the reasons I suggested it, as well as its favorable prices. Like so many experienced travelers, we all know that following a recommendation for cheap eats "iconic" meal when we travel can be a mixed bag. I was taken aback at how purely enjoyable it was to eat the simple roast chicken and sides + wine at Bom Jardim. It is one of those places that basically does one thing and does it very well, and has the good sense not to change a thing. There are better potatoes out there -- although I am not sure better chicken -- and of course there is more elevated wine -- but everything about Bom Jardim said to me I wished I had such a place on my doorstep all the time. It is very egalitarian (as is so much of Lisbon).
                If you like roast chicken, I recommend it. I'm sorry my knowledge of Lisbon is not so extensive that I can offer you a range of options.

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                  Barberinbee --

                  Bom Jardim sounds wonderful and we might try it. Roast chicken and wine sound delightful.



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                    Try in the area

                    Salsa e Coentros
                    Jacinto (i'm not sure if it's open)

                    All this are ia a walking distance from Holiday Inn at Campo Grande and are traditional portugueses.

                    For a good steak try Tico-Tico (very popular)

                    For Suckling pig or seafood try Tertulia do Paço (lumiar 5 mim by taxi)

                    Waiting for yours reports from Lisbon

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                      Thanks for the good suggestions. We now certainly have a good suggestion to choose from.

                      I will make a full report on our wonderful meals in Portugal in Lisbon and in the Alentejo when we return to the States in a few days. The folks at chowhound, as always are very helpful.

                      Obrigada to all