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Oct 20, 2012 06:54 AM

Ethnic Markets: Raleigh (Latino and Asian)

Hi all -- checking in to see what are the best ethic markets in Raleigh. Alas, Peublo Supermarket seems to have closed, so I am totally out on a Latino market currently. For Asian, I generally like the one off Capital in the shopping center where Sewasdee Thai is, and also the one across the parking lot at the Wal-Mart on New Hope Church Road.

What are the other options in Raleigh?

Today, for example, I need vegetarian kimchi for a recipe. Suggestions?

Thanks, all! Ciao!

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  1. To be honest, for Asian I usually go the Cary. I shop most frequently at Grand Asia. The Korean market by Ollies (S Mart) has a huge selection of kim chi.

    In Raleigh I like the old Compare Foods now called International Market iirc at New Hope Church & Atlantic Springs best for my Latino needs. I like their produce and that they have a nice array of Caribbean products too. There is a small Chinese Market in this shopping center that I have not tried.

    If you continue East on New Hope Church there is an Asian mart on the side of the plaza that Miller Mott is in. I haven't been in there in some time since I discovered Grand Asia. Crossing Capital, where NHC becomes Buffaloe Rd. is a large Latino grocery in the plaza on the North side of the road. Not as good as International but worth a stop.

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      Hey! Thank you so much for your reply back. I am not familiar with Ollies, but I googled it. Is this what you're talking about:

      Along those lines, what is "S Mart." I'd love to run and pick it up this afternoon, but I am a tad clueless on this! If you have a second to reply back, I'd be so appreciative! THANK YOU!

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        Yes, that's Ollies! Similar to Big Lots. The Cary location is in the same plaza as S Mart.

        S Mart is a large Korean grocery. There is a restaurant inside too. Some of their prices are better than Grand Asia!

        If you are facing the plaza and see Ollies, go all the way around to the left. S Mart is at the back of the left side.

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          You are a doll! Thank you! Just returned from my first trip to "S Mart" and they were so nice and helpful and I had a fabulous time browsing around! And, as a bonus, the kim chi I bought was on sale! Holla!

          (BTW, this could be dangerous to have discovered another version of Big Lots!)

          1. re: Tehama

            The danger has increased - Ollie's just opened in Raleigh on Capital in the old Babys R Us store. It looks like there may be a middle eastern market in that plaza too...

            The Asian place on the side of Miller -Motte looks to be Vietnamese. I was feeling optimistic today and tried the Vietnamese restaurant a few doors down - had a Banh Mi craving. Theirs just has no flavor. **sigh**

            Glad you liked S Mart! They have some interesting refrigerated bags of soup/stew. Their quail eggs are the lowest price I've found.

            The Thai place in the parking lot is very good and the owners are super nice folks.

          2. re: meatn3

            Grand Asia has never been good with Korean items and if you want a good selection S Mart is the place to go. If you do go definitely eat there the restaurant is good.

            1. re: chazzer

              Thank you for this post. We ate there tonight and then went shopping. Food was good, not great; but a great experience.

              Next time I am getting a noodle bowl instead of as rice dish. I will be back.

      2. Try this list:

        It includes some of my favorites.

        1. Hey all! Just wanted to thank everyone who pitched-in with suggestions yesterday. Terry - your list is awesome. I'm going to print out!

          I made this Kimchi soft tofu stew recipe from Chow last night for my vegetarian friend and it turned out quite nice: