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Oct 20, 2012 06:10 AM

Crema Cafe

Just when I called off my search for the best almond croissants in the area (conclusion, there isn't one) I read that Crema has a very good one. Looking for confirmation or testimonials from anyone who's had one or any recommendation for your favorite. My hands down favorite almond goodie is the twice baked brioche from Flour. Had a stellar slice this week, thickly sliced and schmered with a very generous layer of frangipane which is the real star. All the croissants I've tried which call themselves almond are sorely lacking in the almondy spread and seem to only get their classification as almond from a smattering of nuts on top. Not good enough for me.

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  1. I was in there today, they didn't have any of these. They do have an almond cupcake with Earl Grey buttercream that looks pretty darned good though.

    1. I'm with you on the twice-baked brioche from Flour, but I'm not especially partial to the almond "croissants" at Crema. They're cheesy and more like danishes than croissants--I didn't like them at all the one time I tried them. If you're going to be breakfasting at Crema, you might want to try the English muffins with butter and jam; at $1.50 plus tax, they're one of the only deals in Harvard Square.

      1. I stand by the almond croissant at Cafe Vanille on Charles Street, it's delicious, though can be almost wet from all the almond filling. I've had the Crema croissant and thought it pretty good. I've also had that cupcake and it's interesting and subtle. But if I'm looking for almond cake I rely again on Cafe Vanille -- their financiers are incredible.

        1. I just enjoyed a bostok, my favoriite treat from Clear Flour -- the same thing as Flour's twice-baked brioche, but far superior due to the quality of both the bread and the frangipane. You're missing out if you haven't had one.

          1. The ones from Clear Flour are pretty good, they have a decent sized spread of marzipan-ish almond paste inside.

            Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried the ones that already made and ready to bake at Trader Joe's? I've never tried them but always wondered.

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              OpinionatedChef raves about those TJ's ones, I believe.

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                The TJ varieties (Plain, Chocolate & Almond) are great for home baking. They do need about 8 hours at room temp to defrost and rise, but if you set them out before bed, they are perfect in the morning. $3.99 per box of 4 (Chocolate & Almond) and box of 8 (Plain)

                1. re: Bugsey34

                  Love them... if anything the almond ones have a tad more filling than I like. But that doesn't stop me from pulling the frozen dough out of the freezer late Saturday night!!

                  1. re: random amblings

                    so funny. I thought the TJ's were sorely lacking in filling. Honestly, barely there.

                    1. re: tweetie

                      Agreed, tweetie. I thought they were delicious, but wanted more of that delicious almond paste.

                      1. re: bear

                        I guess I feel about frangipane the same way I feel about cream cheese frosting. What's around it or below it is merely the platform for the real star.