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Mexican Meal side dish

serving carnitas enchiladas with a salsa verde for dinner guests. Sides of sour cream, guacamole and home made salsa.

I would like to serve a side dish. I may do a Spanish rice if I have time/feel like it. But really I want to add some vegetables to the mix.

Any thoughts on a veggie dish as a side or as a starter that would go? No corn or beans or other starchy vegetables please.

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  1. Calabsita...squash with onions, green peppers and corn. Yum! (Oops...just saw the "no corn" part...just leave that out.)

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      by squash do you mean zucchini or winter squash? Winter squash, IMO falls under the starchy category.

    2. I like to prepare a Mexican cole slaw (something like this: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/mex... only I cut the cabbage finer) and use it to fill half an avocado (I actually overfill the avocado half - makes a nicer salad) and I sometimes add a bit of shrimp to the mix.

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        coleslaw was on my radar, but hoped to find something different as we had a lot of coleslaw over the summer with pulled pork, just seemed too similar to carnitas/coleslaw. But will keep it in mind.

      2. Just slice up and saute a pan of chayotes and onions. Spice it up with fresh cilantro, salt, and pepper.

        Simple and very low fuss.

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          Chayotes would be lovely, however I doubt I will find it here in my small town. I Might be able to find jicama. Can it be fried up as well? If not, a salad with it might be nice.

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            In the Yucatan they make xek, a jicama salad with mandarin orange, cucumber, and a bit of chile, very refreshing: http://www.los-dos.com/video/20070930... (PDF link.)

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              Very good, indeed. I like the food in the Yucatan a lot and this goes with many dishes.

        2. This is a nice salad for Mexican food: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... . You could sub oranges for the clementines if you can't find them.

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            I actually had that recipe bookmarked as a possibility. have you made it suburban_mom? it looks really tasty.

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              Yes, quite a few times. It is really light and refreshing.

          2. Since you don't want starchy (and I find Spanish rice pretty starchy, personally) how about rajas con crema or rajas con queso? I have listed one recipe below. The basic idea is chile poblanos and onions. Some recipes add crema some add sour cream, some add cheese. I even saw one on the web that had corn, but I have never seen that in a restaurant, myself.


            You can find other recipes, of course. These are colorful and very tasty (especially with the cheese...).

            1. Orange, avocado, marinated thinly-sliced red onion, and tomatoes arranged as alternating slices, drizzled with a mix of 1/3 OJ (just squeeze the peels you cut off the oranges), 1/3 lime juice, 1/3 OO with salt, pepper and cumin to taste. Easy and beautiful. Adding Jicama would be great too for more crunch.

              Marinating red onion: thinly slice a red onion after slicing in 1/2 vertically. Put the 1/2 moons in a bowl. Cover with ice cubes and water. Add a tsp. of salt and 1-2 of sugar to the bowl, and 1-2 tbsp. vinegar (white or cider), and stir. Refridgerate for at least an hour. This takes the 'bite' out of the onion and makes it very tasty, extra crisp, and lightly tangy for a salad.

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                could not find jicama (darn this small town!). Came home with the following and will piece together some kind of salad or 2.

                Kolrabi (was closest thing to jicama I could find/think of)
                red onion (I like the idea of marinating)
                red/orange peppers

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                  that sounds like an awesome chop salad waiting to happen.

                  1. re: splatgirl

                    That is exactly what I did with the oranges, radish, kolrabi & peppers. Top with citrus dressing, roasted pepitas, cilantro and the feta. It turned out fresh, crisp, tasty and pretty! Just what I wanted for a rich enchilada dish. Thanks Everyone!

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                    Just for the record, there is one major difference between substituting kohlrabi for jicama in a cooked dish: kohlrabi will soften, the way carrots do, jicama will stay firm and is an excellent substitute for water chestnuts in Asian cooking because it stays "crisp."

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                    This combination is excellent. It never occurred to me to make a citrus dressing (duh! on me-- I just make a standard vinaigrette), so now I have something to look forward to! I also zap the onions for 30 seconds or so in the m'wave and dunk in an ice bath after. Another method for taking care of that 'bite.'

                  4. zuchinni ribbon salad with a lime vinaigrette.

                    1. FWIW:
                      3 zucchinis sliced
                      1/2 onion sliced
                      2 cloves garlic grated
                      1can tomato sauce not 29oz, smaller one (chunky or smooth, I prefer smooth)
                      3/4 c cheddar cheese grated
                      small can chopped black olives drained
                      1 scallion sliced thin on the bias
                      2 Tbs oil in pan, sauté onions when wilted add garlic cook 1 min add zukes soften and barely brown, then add the tomato sauce stir well put into casserole dish top with grated cheddar cheese bake 350• 25 min uncovered. take out of oven top with olives and sprinkle with scallions...serve

                      1. Not a veg dish but I love having watermelon with Mexican food, I just love the way the sweet plays with the spice.